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Oh how much did major league sample from that movie you think wild thing nuke culture i don't know yeah there are a lot of similarities i guess there's not the groupie kinda they just added willie mays hayes and that was a great character though and then rich third baseman or whatever i up third baseman maybe they exist in the same universe ooh maybe maybe jake taylor finally like came back and made the majors oh i like that so kevin costner was jake taylor oh yeah see i like to think the alvin mack from the program his son is vantera from drafty no i'm with you on that one that you mentioned it before we did like top five fictional characters on me was but yeah to make sense okay you've taken boulder amount tang this is getting harder okay i'm gonna go a little out there are you keeping track of how many movies you've said three ongoing this'll be my third one i'm going to tell a date nights because if you ain't i you last but apparently your number three on this list is harder when we do a draft because i had like a list but talladega nights is it's hilarious and it's awkward at times it's like you feel uncomfortable watching this deadbeat dad or like the like wife who just moves onto the best friends and soon as she can but if you have john c reilly and will ferrell that's you can't lose brothers my only argument with that is that nascar is not a sport you don't think sitting in turning left is enough they have to pee in their pants that's it i think you're absolutely sore from all that turn like you're driving shoulders would probably be sore you got the the thing lying her head in my opinion it's not a sport is volleyball.

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