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I'm thinking about saving my money and preparing for what's coming. Because what's coming is awful and horrible. And you know, it would be one thing if we had a fighting Republican party, But we don't we don't they? You know, even when Republicans are in the majority, we still get a Democrat agenda, and this election was stolen and Republican sat back and didn't do anything about it. And you think those people are going to come out in droves to vote for Republicans in the midterms? They're not. They're not Holly because they know they're going to get the same agenda, no matter how they vote, And that's if their vote isn't stolen from them At the midterms, too. I hear you, Ronnie and I agree with your frustration, and that's why I actually I've been talking to candidates that our primary the 10 congressional members that that voted for impeachment, We gotta fight back. And it doesn't mean just on in November. We've got to work on these primaries to get rid of the rhinos that betrayed us. One of the best pieces of ice that I heard that Trump that God was Don't leave to go to a third party, because therefore you cannot purge the Republicans that betrayed you. And I agree with that. And look, you know, As you know, I speak out against Charlie Parker all the time. I mean, at this point, I would be happy to send him a change of registration for because I can't remember what issue I can't see any issue that he stands with Republicans on and this is coming from somebody who in 2014. He was there. With us fighting the gas tax. And then he does TC I I can't tell you how betrayed I feel. But I am not giving up And I gave up my life for that ballot question. I work 24 7 on that ballot question. And so the C baker now I mean, oh, God, it gets Yeah. Okay. Um, I want to give you a little bit more about baking hell, and then we'll come back to this after the break. But get this right. So in case you thought that Bacon Hill wasn't up there of their old tricks they have now. Okay, so they got the pay raises in January. Now they've done three new committees. And what do you get with committees? You get new chairman and you get new vice chairman so new pay positions so they created Re new committees. You cannot believe these committees Jared, Okay, advance information technology, the Internet and cyber security. That's one covert 19 an emergency preparedness. So I guess Cove it's never going away and then racial equity, civil rights and inclusion are and they're going to pay people extra for sitting on the beach chairman of these committees. I mean, this is this isn't about advancing any cause It's all about extra pay so that they can keep people in line up there on bacon Hill. And so nobody dear votes off and you get no common sense whatsoever. I'm Holly Rowe Bershad filling in for Grace, Curly. We're gonna be right back after a short break, and you won't want to miss what one of the Baker administration people had to say. You're listening to the grace Curly show. This.

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