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And I think he's GonNa get mad and go somewhere else a we did we ever mentioned Rick Miller by the way also one of the cuts. Also, you know sort of the a mistake by by the front office using a fourth round pick in the two thousand, nineteen draft for him. Invisible in the last two camps in that invisible of course, during the regular season as well. So. What do you think I? Think he's sticks in practice water he goes somewhere else. I mean maybe Joe Douglas really likes him new the jets take about or Andrew Berry. No these guys in theory. I could see that and the other thing with Miller as I brought up before like how he said that year was loaded at defensive line and it was yeah yeah. Got It and you got a guy who didn't play a single defensive snap for you and this is two years after you got to opry in a class that was loaded at running back self proclaimed by Howard Rosen and even play a snap in the NFL ever at so like now how he's tell his credit, he did say this year he didn't want they wide receiver class star and the receivers are looking good so far maybe he's learned is less but Not The vessel for him cut down day. No Jones Douglas these guys getting like the not the not the best optics there. Didn't he say the now I think he did say the wide receiver class had the potential to be historic kidney. I. Thought he cautioned against that. Probably I don't want to say that 'cause he knows how. I am. That's why any final thoughts. Yeah. Let's go sharieff Miller. Leftover Girardi. Maybe, he gets cut on comes back to squad. And Let's go. Marcus APPs he's not getting cut but yeah, I've come in second place in stupid thing like already three times and I'm pretty sure it's going to happen for a fourth time. So unlike like the buffalo bills of the fifty three man. Eagles beat competition. The nineteen ninety s buffalo bills that is not the more recent buffalo bills. The one I'd want the the ones that lost in the super bowl every year this has been bgn radio. So forty five more coverage to you I don't know what a look like but obviously, no practice squad being formed again I'm Sunday September six. Listening to this. So do something about that I, don't know how to become covered exactly but stay to you know you'll find out if you subscribe to beat the radio and review all those good things up support the show obviously help support the show to by supporting sponsors right to songcraft Turkey can go there to write this on the needs discount Kobe fifteen at checkout fifteen percent off. Also. Again, it's what applauded the espionage. Show I didn't even tell you to subscribe but obviously go do that going GonNa have links on bleeding nation for that, and also to try to get kissed put note at Lincoln the show notes here. So you can just click on it. They're going to be a lot of good stuff on that feed as well. General NFL coverage. I'll be talking about the on there too. I'm sure. So again. That's the SPCA NFL show. Go subscribe to that, and until next time Jimmy I've ready. Jeanne?.

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