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All of my travel is marked in green and some months i'll just open it up it'll be like it's a sea of green just a beautiful genucel green lanes so much so i'm always so curious about how other people okay so you have your very color coordinate a personal call this this is my therapist but call it blew the this is travel and this is a precedent here and this is more travel and then here you can see your time locked look at this call this is a fitness trainer this is meeting with an architect this is a press thing this is a work thing this is a press thing so it it really secret of the universe will probably one color i just feel like everything would feel overwhelming but seeing the different colors helps just create some space my brain you leapfrog to another thing is good i do think i wish that these were things that we learnt when we were in school like taxes would be noone taught me about taxes school it god anything practical rectal would be great yet you know what i need yeah i need information on that transition from okay great you you're in a creative job congratulations you made a career out of it double finger guns good for you and then then there's this thing no one tells you where it's like now you're a ceo and you have to file payroll taxes for yourself like what i got out of that i got out of that racket so i could do creative stuff oh yeah no you have to deal with the franchise tax board and you're like well that's the challenge challenge of law responsibility and scaling up and you know and trying to figure out like what's important to not in trying not to forget what's important so that you can stay excited in passionate about things i know i i do it's so funny i was starting to someone recently about like what you know they were trying to figure out if they're going to do a pivot in their career and we're talking about what gives you the butterflies than most.

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