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The visiting lottery contributed over nine hundred twenty five million dollars to support the public school twenty one billion dollars since nineteen seventy-two Michigan Lowery schools alongside Kerry bills that actual camp Tony Butler Bryant Bush about shepherd. Glad you're with us other Sunday afternoon. The wolverines at hoosiers the one hundred. And sixty eighth all time meeting. Hoosiers actually started out so well, they're still good twelve to but they completed their first upbeat mud. Since November two thousand twelve six zero. Of november. Sometimes you run into a team when they're hot and you run into a bull. Saw we used to call it just keep the bus women type because. On the inbound, they try and Allie you could you Morgan mortgaging his file by ASTA Davis. Davis picks up his second personal follow that forces. John be light turn a branded jobs. Freshman out of east Lansing. He'll wait till the first free throw is taken by Juwan mortgage wears thirteen top fifty fifth award watch list contributor coming into the game today one thousand forty career points. They're covering Davis sits down. Had a triple double this year against Jacksonville. He's just the second player in Indiana history with a triple double. Second one one of his dowdy against Michigan. Seventy what was the other free? Throw problems are are looming with does Indiana team shoot sixty four percent as a team. So you're on at vox pool already to rebound floater for the baseline. No, good rebound by Borgen. Avid fits is into the game for fifty five six ten two hundred twenty five Paul redshirt senior, Morgan lifted toes schooling, branded this reverse layup jarred for the rebound. Four minutes for Brandon jobs to get a game. Like this sets a screen Simpson. Looks inside can't deliver to the stag gives it up the pool with eighteen to shoot John sets. Another screen. You lied Brooks's. Got a left wing a dribble drive a pump fake. He stuck in the middle of the lane about faster, cutting, bras, daycares or reverse layup crawl rebounded by mortgage. It's thirty two thirteen bishops. Brandin Giles understand that they're coming at you. There's no doubt about. Yup. For went right at this. The layup rebounded by judge Moore all the floor percents allocated push paths. Rely Brooks a jump stop the right way. Now arou- discreet about pass John's has at least. That's a confidence builder there. That's a good pick and roll action air John's roll to the basket. And that's where he just didn't throw it up at the other end Morgan hits a left handed layup, but he draws a foul from Ignace bras. Notices what good Indiana team, and they're gonna find some way to put some type of run together and question you'd have is can Miskin sustain this type of intensity that they have right now throughout this party. Charles Matthews back in this bras, dak- sits down that pass moments ago from Simpson. Two jobs. Beauty today's ups delivery the game with UPS next day air your package is guaranteed overnight delivery. So your wolverines gear could arrive. Just in time. Day. Visit UPS dot com. To learn more UPS official logistics company of Michigan athletics. Free. Throws good thirty two sixteen. Michigan leads at eight fourteen dating of the half since it quickly into the frontcourt with pool and Matthews jobs at Brooks, who's got a left wing a ball fake MC. Robert's not we take some base lights up reverse layup all now. Respectful harmless, proud woman on right there. Pretty much love him on an island in pool had him on skates. He's also gets scout shaking their head by the way after play like that. You got to see what the NBA players think their breast. Durham hop. Step. And Elaine hits a tough fadeaway jumper. You do a lot of basketball on both levels. And I had a conversation with John Hammond scalp general manager Orlando Magic, and you told him hey that number two. Michigan was a pro and exalt Simpson left corner. Three now rebound tapped by judge. He stays after it down Natalie. Oh what use of additional tournament? And so will. This building goes baseline taxes weighed against Durham still has the dribble a fadeaway. No good. I miss of the day for Charles Matthews thirty four eighteen Michigan Durham with the cross already draws a bump for Brandon John's way out on a high head you're gonna time out six fifty.

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