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Recuits my parents also grew up in sioux falls everything was downtown so i mean all all the big green taylor is everything it was all downtown and i remain i i've got really vivid memories of going to princely jc penney had the only other than the airport had the only escalator in town gut the right the escalator jc penney they have the toys ecorse up on the top floor because they knew that kids would drag their parents who the whole store to get up to the top floor and i did every time we were there we gotta go at toys do we go and i wanted right the escalate when a very very vibrant downtown and then something happened the western mole opened the western mall opened at 12 or i should be at the 41st 41st in western it was the kennett the first big bowl in a number of stores left downtown went out to the western wall south a downtown started wobble and then something else happened the empire mall was built and it sucked the remaining life on a downtown like you can't believe businesses wanted to be more they do the people were he can't fault them they were doing what they thought was the right move for their business so they moved on to the empire mall and then as the years went on the a player mole expanded wanda pulling i think the lone remaining business that was near downtown was sears over on the other side of the viaduct everything good decided.

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