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Sports pressured atn actually tom hackett assigned him to me i said i needed here one is is mitch which now ski who ha i'm going to say that's an upgrade who have you may have is amazing play yeah so he's going to punch the ball gary and you you now feared he knows what up yeah i know check with your right foot you know you you received the ball in your new kick it and it was a it was kind of a bungled snap with low and then and then the the the defense is coming toward him so he starts running laterally to the side and just throws it up and kicks it with his left foot and keeps it in barrels and kicks it most of the way too it was an amazing play i tweeted the video of yes cya she's cashing about it's really was ill we know you watched it in it was like the dude is very athletic yet had when i think is more impressive a shoestring tackle of i gladly made me out in the last name kidd was going to get away and you never see if you see it punter get involved in a tackle it's usually he gets knocked down at all un after winning he caught him and tackled but yeah he's a he's a he doesn't have quite the sense of humor that no time hack it does but as far as just having a crash fired yeah i think he i think you're done on target and i'm trying to pretend like i'm interested in a economics like thueler okay really has mira hammered as hannah get him a line claudia he got the comecon says weekend sia of course the big story you missed yes so for the big story nominee the big well you are a big score it story this is a big sports story bobby the brain heenan dead tragedy who bobby the brain is great union you w e hall of famer all faye merlin edged all of it'll be andrei the giant he managed rick reed mr perfect big john slade it's ways the brain that's why he's the breeze the.

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