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They made their relationship clear and he's made it more popular i think to be openly racist and i think it's important that we don't make trump seen this untouchable thing you know that everyone gets no one gives to be trump but trump tens of millions of people voted for him after he showed his cards for years are you are you suggesting that they're racist or they're yes the people who vote all the people who voted for donald trump okay all of the people that voted for donald trump racist brennan helgi with us does that foster a conversation about racial unity or does that just shut everything now shuts everything down what are we try to accomplish here there is no denying that there are people in this country who look down on other people because of their skin color blacks two whites whites blacks hispanics blacks whites hispanics hispanics twice it happens everywhere but is it is it something that is prevalent in our society is it overwhelmingly used is racism something that is just so rampant we can't we can't function i just reject this idea that most white people get up in the morning thinking how can i exert my privilege today i don't even think about it i just come in and i do my job i put my head down and i do my job but then you got people like this woman michaela angela davis who comes on the air and says anybody the voted for trump all of the people that voted for donald trump are racists where'd you stymied we just threw up all didn't she she just i mean there are so fond of saying with bill bridges not walls she just put a wall between anybody who had the temerity to vote for donald trump and anybody else if you did that you're a racist is that where our conversation is now that's that's where we are in twenty eighteen america cnn had this little graphic up said race in america it's a discussion about race and then they have somebody who comes on and says everybody voted for donald trump all of them a racist.

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