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We were accepted and brought into the home and what was really strange we went that night the night buddy hackett died i was driving to in the we'll get back to how i got us in l and we've got to somehow steer this thing into a conclusion but i do want to let you guys know listening this is so much fun and i hope you're having as much fun listening to it and i can speak for cohen and for cats and myself we're just sitting here in the fake mustache studios on the west side and we're having a this is fun i don't know why do this for years ago when kevin smith gave me the speech of the why should you applaud cast he said it's like when you're twenty trying to explain to your friends why are they should smoke pot and they keep telling you like yeah but i don't want to get involved and you like no you don't understand we're going to see the black crowes he got us smoke pot and see the black crowes they're going to do my morning song and say kiss me on easter sunday and it's gonna be crazy and it's going to be amazing and then they're going to go out on a limb and then they're gonna come all the way back and crash back into my morning song and we'll be so high we fucking forgot that they were even playing my morning song because they majemi and then we're high going oh my god it's still at fucking so he said that's how i feel about podcasts so i would like to say that that kevin smith was right now do you mind if i ask you some questions but you really quick buddy hackett i went to his house it's me you and jeff ross and his lovely wife sherry now when we sat shiva the jews have everybody come to the house and the you sit shiva for how long it's normally two nights that you do are those longer than that well some people do it for the whole week two nights that our show everyone that hack it new buddy epson bob newhart harvey korman you thought i was going to say i tell it's very shit that buddy hackett.

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