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At River about twilight dot com. Seems to me from Black Club Chicago reporting on Chicago's favorite party, Aunt. Wow, This is big, Isn't it? Famous? That's right. Good morning, Bob. Yes, uh, friend of fans of Chicago Party and to Twitter accounts been around for a couple years, and that's uh, pretty hilarious If you like all things Chicago, um, go into an international audience starting September 17th Chicago Party and has a Netflix Show, which sort of it sort of blows everyone's mind a little bit, because this was just sort of a lark that you know you stumble upon it online and should make some raunchy jokes about something that happened in the city or inappropriately hit on Tom Skilling and things like that. But Netflix, uh, came to the creator. He's not anonymous anymore. It's Chris. What task is a former second City guy in a Chicago guy? He was now a writer out L. A And they came up with this show. It's an animated TV show following this sort of middle aged woman who's You know, maybe closer a little too tight. Maybe drinks a little too much smokes a little too much a little a little older than she acts, uh, you know, and just sort of her exploit around Chicago. But the creators say it's really going to be a love letter to Chicago Show up the national international audience. Some of the beautiful person about Chicago while you know some of us rough around the Characters who live within it. It will be different and she lives in Wrigleyville, doesn't she? She's a Rachel lives in regular abilities, a diehard Cubs fan and just you know, it's going to be life around Wrigleyville, but some of the writers and creators over from Lakeview Rogers Park, one of the voice actors is from the south side, so they're going to really try to incorporate lots of the city. Into it, but it's going to have a wiggly bill setting for most of it. We'll check that out and Netflix September 17th. Let's talk about up town's newest gallery. What's this? What's this about James? Yeah, this is just opened just last week. It's easy to remember. It's called the Uptown Gallery and even easier to remember, because it's right above the green mill, which I find very cool. There's there's you know, art space up there or it is now. And a gentleman by the name of head up. Miss Gina just opened this gallery. He really wants to make it, um, inclusive for for local artists. He wants to focus on supporting black and brown artists as well. And, um, you know, it's if you can picture the green mill. It's Catholic. That big green door right on the front. There was a little side entrance next to it. That leaves upstairs. So we've got some photos on our website of the inside of it. Just really a gorgeous looking art gallery up there. Um, and then that's just gonna Just be another artistic element to uptown, which is really lots going on in uptown now, um and you know lots of people moving in there, and they're really trying to hold on to some of the artistic touch and flair. That's the neighborhood's always had. Cool. Nice project going out on the South side. Tell us about this, Uh, Inglewood Barbershop project, right? Yeah. This is sort of one of my favorite stories so far this week. Um, this is there was a really remarkable woman named shares. Smith, who has started, um, several different nonprofit groups in the South side. This one in particular is it's called the brilliant Brown Boys Book Club, and it's really an effort to to get more young. Kids, particularly boys to read more, she said. Growing up her her daughter was always reach for a book and her son not so much. And so she's trying to sort of take the stigma away from the books aren't cool. So she began this program. It's called fade frozen books, and they're building little mini libraries inside a handful of Southside bookshops. The idea. There's big blue sign there. The barber will tell kids who are either waiting for haircut or waiting for their family members to get their haircut to go check out the book. Go Check out the, uh, the library in the corner. Pick a book out. Tell me a little bit about it. You know, you'll get a prize. You'll get a secret prize and the and the idea is just to get him to sit down. Get acquainted with the book. Maybe you'd be able to take it home. Or maybe they'll look for one at school. And just like I said, take away sort of the idea that books aren't cool, you know, and just open up the open up some new world to some of these young guys down there. Yeah. What a what a great idea. More at black Club Chicago dot org. Thanks Shamus will talk to you folks tomorrow. Okay. Thanks, Bob and coming up on the broadcast. If you're wondering whether that old scorecard or baseball or autographed picture is worth anything, we'll tell you if it's trash or treasure. We do this, uh, every few weeks, and we always get lots of calls and Text on on this and Scott baby from a U sports memorabilia is our expert and he will tell you if you've got trash or treasure you'll be able to call in Between 8 39 o'clock this morning, So we look forward to that will get your complete 7 30 update next in just a few minutes here and let's see what else do I want to mention? I did want to say. China. Tova Happy New Year Russia Tiana and no to self. Stop writing 57 81 on all your checks. It's 57 82. Hey, Welcome to everything outdoors. Can I help you find anything? Hey, yeah. Can you point us to the camping gear? Sure, I'll do. Snowboarding just bought a new Nissan Pathfinder. It's got intelligent four by four. And we want to hit the back country. I'll 18 and the boat. 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