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Bennett C. N. B. R. one O. four five and six eighty now back to Scottsdale stadium and giants spring training KNBR the changes for the Dodgers as we go to the bottom of the ninth inning in relief one new player coming in and that's Garcia you go still left in Broussard still in the game and right hander throws to high football one random guy right handed hitters guy with big league experience any really wore out left handed pitching and he takes a high and tight did the glass off the bat yep I gave the signal like it was a foul ball this bounced off the catch is one Geyer's to talk into the plate umpire about it but he ruled that a fountain one ball one strike and he's right there you must've heard it hit the back now the soonest by Geyer the slider John really goes to first McKinstry goes from third to shorts antenna goes from first to third just if you're keeping score at home just like the regular season the Dodgers there's a ball too hard to to to Guyer guy hit a fly ball to shallow center his first time in the seventh inning David how Ryan Howard is on deck is a fashionable to hide three two I started calling David Howard there was a utility infielder with Kansas city years ago named David our even in fact looking at Ryan Howard he looks bigger than I remember the last spring been waiting room apparently there's a swing and a miss strike three hi thanks for retired guy here is our Howard hit a home run to right field in his first day back he's one for one he came in for a new bond in the sixth inning you Bonnie had a home run to left a deep one home run hitters home run an RBI single line drive in the center of the two strikeouts there's a bone to high one ball no strikes to Howard tomorrow we got the giants and the Oakland Athletics from over in mesa whole whole camp park there's a falling out of playoff to the right on the rooftop here in the Scott still stadium in case you might be interested John the ace of the cubs are underway that game scheduled to start at one OO five the early in the day they moved it back to six ten the one one page and that is in there the knees to Howard for a called strike wanted to all the other cactus league games were postponed six cactus league games including one about five miles from here call the call very early the one to offering sweetness he struck out fastball down the way almost like how it is when seeing the ball well out of the hands this right hander Broussard either that or you had in his mind this guy was going to try to put a boy with a slight I don't know what it was he just a couple of fastballs at ninety miles an hour he couldn't catch up to either one of them so here's Jaylen Miller chance trailing ten to four last of the ninth and the pitch popped up foul on a play off to the right I usually ten runs on ten hits with no errors the left five runners on base the giants for runs six hits three errors the gentleman left four runners on base and three of them in the same inning the eighth inning Ryszard pitches and a called strike with a fastball on the outside it's going to so long day we actually had a two hour and twenty five minute rain delay before we ever got started today the O. two page right three grown restored strikes out the side to wrap this one up three hours and five minutes before a crowd of eight thousand forty five Muncie ki K. Hernandez and Chris Taylor all hit home runs for the Dodgers D. von bart and Howard hit home runs for the giants tend to for the Dodgers over the giants are remote engineer and producer has been Darren chan our network coordinators at Rafael corral and Sean docket and will be with you again tomorrow from whole whole camera park for the all bay area inter inter league match up here in the valley of the sun the giants and the athletics our pregame show will commence at eleven fifty eight AM Pacific time first pitch is set for twelve oh five PM I have back home in San Francisco we hope you will join us and I'm John Miller for doing Kuiper on behalf of our colleagues Dave let me and my crew go thanks for tuning in and please stay tuned or we'll have our abbreviated cactus league postgame show up once again the final score today from Scottsdale stadium it was the Dodgers ten the giants for purchase giants baseball I stay tuned for the king and the art show in spring training postgame show on the giants it's been reported that over sixty percent of small businesses close after just one cyber attack but the good news is we have a solution Comcast business security as a security solution that automatically protects all the devices.

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