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I got pulled over for a driving while black and California. I had the windows up because he's a dark Florida's tints. And I got pulled over in LA and the police officer shoes, I roll the window down was shocked to see that. I looked like me. Asked about go asked. I asked probably semi were dark, and I said, oh, I just bought the car out of Florida. And he said Florida did you say, and I said, yeah. And he goes, all right. And that was it walked back to car how good back, but see I I gotta take it for ten in Utah. And I told him to the cars, Florida where ten is legal in the windows. And he said man, that's nice. He. We're going to do. I was going to go back to Utah fight it. Whether we should mention that I got pulled over last night. If it's I've been pulled over in. Here's like four years probably since I've got pulled over then got pulled over last night for allegedly doing eighty one to sixty five car the Bill in shorts. I'm trying to do the adventure. Hell acceptance car very recently. That'd be the second to last entry this lesson credence. Basic of maybe it's this joint thing. Let's talk about the engine the engineering behind this thing. Like, why is it? So good. So in the nineteen eighties. Lexus decided to throw a ton of money in a ton of resources and building. Literally, the best investment vehicle in the world. And they put I what I believe. In was I think it was over billion dollars at the time, which was the most money ever invested into a new vehicle. They really wanted to establish themselves in the marketplace with something spectacular. They had you know, all these crazy benchmarks and. They had their their production ethos with quality and how the factories of work and stuff that was really enviable five the Americans. And they pretty much just just came out swinging. And you know, my my father had one of these things in ninety two when it was new, and it was extraordinarily. I mean there was you know, nothing like it on the road. It's kind of hard to picture at the moment. But like even something as simple as like the center stack. We're like these gauges which I think are like five or six and on LED's, but it sort of back Backley ghosted almost invisible gauge cluster like that was super future shaded nineteen thousand nine hundred and the you may not know it now from this old one fund when these things were brand new they were they were basically silent. There was no engine noise. There was no wind noise. There was no road noise. It was silent. Almost the way that like was tesla silent was this the campaign with the champagne champagne, and they had you know for. Mostly the champagne glass pyramid on the trunk and those had the car on the hood, and the cardis brand, and you have nothing fell over Klein Sino took it up to one hundred and forty miles an hour. Yeah. Because part of what makes his engine so good is that some of the Technic read is offer competing like years ago. But basically like they took some of the research they had done on building IndyCar engines using I think more silica in the aluminum, and it makes when it heats up it's like a little bit slicker than engine with less silica. So that's part of why it's such a smooth engine just less friction if there's fiction, there's less we're on the rings and all those kinds of things, and it's probably why, you know, the engine's never been open, and we're not bring a ton of oil, you know, with blow by what? Yeah. Also, this being the sort of pinnacle of Toyota overbuilt nece, you think about the two JC was being built at basement to save time as this. Durability was was paramount to mean, even a camera of this period is likely to still be on the road. Yeah. Less knows Japanese cars like late eighties into early ninety. They spent tons of money on because the economy is doing so. Well, while in America, we're building like town cars and just doing lots of cocaine America was like we have all this money..

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