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Mariners say the team will extend the protective netting at safeco field the announcement comes in response to an incident at yankee stadium in which a little girl was hit by a one hundred five mile an hour fellow ball komos corwin haeck is live with more on wednesday in the blunck the yankees twinge game came to a halt in the bottom of the fifth ball ball up a bad at yankee job please go up at cobblers sitting along the baseline police to greet the two year old girl espn blood cancers it girls they safety issue more avoid these parks with and but stemming way deal winds well metal noon there say will happen in the offseason at safeco field longer taller let's hope look at more damage along the baseline game gave another jobs in mlb plum it can issue the team has been killed about longterm we'll we'll get on the link all height up the new net extent james oil while they might affect can you of the game although the way the little little hit by the baseball hall to get alive but she is reportedly liquor levelling wad coolum hey almost to seattle police officers have been reprimanded for improperly classifying a police report as a disturbance after a former sheriff's deputy alleged that she had been rates by king county sheriff john her car to two thousand two along with written reprimands the two male officers were ordered to receive training and using appropriate professional discretion when dealing with the public last november the woman asked spd to make a.

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