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We're investigative journalists how could you possibly think you were going to pull a fast one irresistible this episode of safer work is brought to in part by pitney bowes with pitney bowes mailing and shipping solutions confidence is built in people no matter what your small office needs are sends pitney bowes send proceed two hundred has you covered you can calculate exact postage which means you'll never over or underpay oh yes i've done both of those things you can select options that allow you to compare and choose current rates from three major shipping carriers including ups it's incredibly convenient you can weigh packages prince shipping labels and send mail right from your desk so please no more trips to the post office i took a look at this end pro st two hundred and it's so user friendly it even stores your address book that's what really hangs me up this thing does it all with the sun proceed two hundred you'll save money every time you ship three cents a letter and up to thirty nine percent off retail shipping rates that adds up if your business males are sense anything safe more with ascend proceed two hundred and you can start saving today for safer work listeners pitney bowes is offering a free sixty day trial for all it c two hundred models free sixty day trial that's a pretty good deal visit pitney bowes online at pb dot com slash safe s a f e to learn more and to start your free trial today that's pb dot com slash safe terms apply see site for details.

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