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Association member FDIC wait before we get back your call as I said earlier on the show and actually started this before that the show even started you know three and a half hours ago I found an old game on you too they'll be a lot of this of the next couple of weeks and months and the game for whatever reason I decided to watch today was opening day for the Mets in nineteen ninety eight a game against the Philadelphia Phillies that was zero zero into the bottom of the fourteenth inning and I mentioned early on that there's gonna be a lot of us try to find the old games that one would watch no I said early on a loopy and Rosenberg is here too and give them credit as they risk themselves to come in try to be safe keep themselves clean and keep this radio station moving they deserve a lot of credit maybe even paid more but that's just me unfortunately make those decisions but if I if I did I warned all right what game jump in your mind would you want to re rock re watch if it was available on you tube Logie you know I for me I mean obviously the Super Bowl in two thousand eight I mean that that I remember being at college I remember that Tyree catch up until that point in my life everything in sports for me was negative and I'm not talking just be in a mad fan and being a giants fan but I always root against the bulls and the spurs I was ready for a little guy and for so many years the Lisco kite is never one I always felt like the National League in the all star game so that was the first time that I can't even remember where like something really positive happen because I think about like old Mets games but they're usually followed like a really great moments followed by a bad one like I think of the grand single but then after that I think of Franco Benitez and Kenny Rogers like it's hard to not marry the two I think of the Chavez catch and then I think of you know Yadier Molina so it's hard to like you know who you think of a positive net game and then it's also followed almost immediately by a negative feeling soul I know you said find one game but I think we have a lot of time on our hands month possibly months want to speculate too far but I almost think I follow like an entire run like you know we binge watch TV shows yeah he binge watched season maybe Superbowl run or a fee for your for your for the match the or something like that and go through all kinds of games kind of like the like with Matt classics do they because they take a year and they pick up all the great finishes in games as being just season well you know what else I like to the old NBA all star games I really love watching those in the nineties I really do I think I was a kid like now I never watch Australia's right logged I even even the baseball stadium which I still like to to an extent but the old NBA all star games in the nineties with Jordan I loved watching those I think it's a very good idea because it look let's get it based on that answer of winning the Super Bowl as a giant fan for you you're probably too young to remember the first to be on the playoff run and I think you just answer right there you've got a handful of games to enjoy the moment you've got four games to run through that you can enjoy the Tampa game which which it does get results I don't remember that game because it's like an after thought it was kind of a dull game it's like an afterthought yeah I remember Jeff Garcia as the starting quarterback for Tampa not much else yeah that's and then obviously you've got the Dallas game which was a credible yup the Green Bay game a Tom Coughlin's cheeks get red light and airy and then the Superbowl and I think what's great about rewatching that is because it's only thirteen years ago you'll get it in HD sorry yeah that's right the problem I have a lot to gain from nineteen ninety eight and the quality of the exactly top notch but you know what I get I get your point about every good moment you have is usually followed up by a bad moment yeah that's why a random opening day even though the Mets in nineteen ninety eight choke let's face it they lost their last five games of the year they got swept in Atlanta they choked away a spot to make the playoffs that year I don't think of opening day in that regard I think it's so far removed from their choke it's even far removed for trading for Mike piazza that it's literally just these game on its own and it doesn't make me think of how the season went which let's face it didn't go well considering they missed the playoffs and I'm gonna suck up to here because I wanted to bring this up to a few weeks ago on the air and now it's like the perfect opportunity this is one of them might I obviously mean Nick fan I mean you know what that site even go down that road but I think I have no and I told you this off the I have no ill will towards the natural I'm not one of these big fans I think like the necks of the greatest franchise ever in the project and I think a lot of reason why Nick fans alike that's because a root for other big brothers in town and they think the next in the same category well they're not they're disaster thank god for the Timberwolves otherwise the next would be the worst franchise and like sports over the last thirty years that being said I was really into those chasing kidnapped teams and I think back to that Baghdad three overtime playoff game against the pay song how great was acting that rivalry in general but like what they have the Celtics and the pistons that game was on believe I vividly remember that game by so that that's a little that's all suck up here there here's the problem I don't know how to come back I understand no I due to some isolated I just said I didn't want to isolate the Mets and I talk to isolate something that unfortunately bad news file I mean that's that's the ultimate problem that I'm running into listen to three overtime game against the pistons was in its moment truly incredible special anything about what Brian Scalabrine he did that day after you know basically you A. Kenyon Martin fell out yeah I had G. sync Collins found out that the bank of Rodney Rogers is like basically everybody's traveling out of this game chasing kids not having this incredible performance Brian Scalabrine leads them to victory I can't think of that game without thinking of blowing game six at home yeah and then getting a nightly nine out in game seven but I got it I understand impressive member Evan I gotta tell you I I I I couldn't remember anything about if triple overtime game I couldn't remember anything to answer your question I think re watching the Rangers ninety four copper on all that's a fascinating rewatch re watching the seventy two intend bowl season would be great well you got to pick those spots in that you can't watch the entire I I understand that you pick or some random games here and there and also I posted it and didn't you know horror but did Daniel Murphy run in the playoffs and fifteen would have been would be really nice to rewatch the worst cluster of like two or three weeks yeah and you know what I can enjoy the cubs series in the Dodgers series without thinking of the royal series I think I'd be right I think most people I mean I accept the fact that like the roads are just gonna win that year nothing's gonna stop them I agree with the upon that I've always said that and you know what else is cool about watching some of these old games if you look for further back you go here the old announcers it just warms the cockles of your heart I know we just had Meltzer on wrestling whatever here gorilla and Bobby and chassis it just puts a smile on my face I don't care from watching a band Hercules match against the junkyard dog and it's terrible especially compared to the standards Hey we're just hearing and all those guerrilla isms now it it's just it just is great because the announcing now in wrestling is well she sleep bad but back then it was just great so now to go back and listen to Marv Albert called you know next Pacers are or I'm fortunately watching the bulls I know Paul huge bulls fan but it just it just puts a smile on your face in a time where you know people could could use it we can use a smile I agree I agree both very good choices right now by the way in this game I'm watching it's the bottom of the fourteenth inning zero zero the Mets have two men on base I don't think they've had two men on base all day two one nobody out for Fonzie now here's the question do you belong to with regard to all funds are all right he's one of your better hitters you got guilty on that because that was terrible the year before members two years removed now from that great ninety six season and Luis Lopez is in this game is after that so as much as I'm a fan of both the I got it I don't both here in the lobby I live for the swing the bat was that pre or post men in black Bernard Gilkey we did but we did minimal I come out I don't have looking it up right now yeah there in ninety eight ninety nine ninety seven summer ninety seven which post post minimum he was a he was a Hollywood type I think the camp on did you can trust them I agree you know I've given out you don't want to I don't like Ponting don't give up and give open ended funds he's one of my best hitters in your right I got Gilkey Louise Lopez and a pensioner after that and you know what god does to the pensioners gonna be nobody left on the bench in fact the last guy left on the bench is Alberto Casteel and who in their right mind would have confidence in him at all Fonzie lays the ball down and they got the lead runner out at third he couldn't even get the bump them one believable my first and second one out we'll keep you posted Chris in Lindenhurst Hey Chris Hey what's happening what's up man it's good that you mention you too a minute ago because my call is going to be about what actually comes in what's called the YouTube rabbit hole number would you go on YouTube you start watching videos you see all the links on the right and you start following the link you click into one please come up and you never know where you're going to go especially in sports you'll find videos of things that you maybe haven't seen in twenty thirty years since but on the watch so yeah the night I was doing this computing and I came across a link to the end of the movie the natural which as you know was probably in my mind the greatest baseball movie ever created phenomenal Robert Redford and he did that I I wind up finding a discussion on the web of what do you think Laurie Hobbs is bad for at the end of the nineteen thirty.

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