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Resigns, The wire says farewell. Horton hears a WHO Flo rider is number one the year. 2008 all right. It was the Florida that's what did it for me because I had no clue. I don't like them when they're that recent, All right. What else is going on? Customs and border protection agents and the Rio Grande Valley are letting immigrants with no criminal or deportation background coming to the U. S. Without a firm asylum hearing Court date A U. S trial of the AstraZeneca covert vaccine shows of 79% effective against symptomatic disease and 100% effective against severe illness. And health leaders are speaking out against a new bill in the Texas capital that would outlaw closing places of worship during disaster declarations like the Corona Virus Pandemic and Matthew Makana, Hayes Word Texas Winter Storm Virtual fundraiser has brought in over a quarter million dollars so far more coming up W Away I news time 5 51 now traffic and weather together from the W Away I traffic center. No problems this morning as you travel on highway 90 days eastbound side between loop 60. No foreign hunt Lane rolling along with no issues. Westbound Luke 16 04 between 2 81 and I 10 traffic flowing nicely. It's a six minute Travel time. If you happen to see me traffic problems call to one owes 75 26 of one. Michael Scott News Radio 1200 Wook, I We've been listening in on those two drivers, sir..

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