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Feels like the laser one is is not the way it was before. Yeah it's got to be pretty cool around ten o'clock nine o'clock local time in bahrain. The winter well funny you should mention am looking at the saturday temps here around five. Pm race time stole high seventies fahrenheit or mid twenties celsius and it doesn't really taper that much really until about midnight where it's twenty three celsius seventy four fahrenheit. That's on saturday qualifying day and sunday. Maybe a degree cooler humidity fifty sixty percents Winds ten miles an hour fifteen sixteen kilometers our For an picks up a little bit on race day precipitation not a whole lot. Eleven percent for qualifying day and solid percent for race day. So a pretty sure. Yeah pretty sure tire wise. We've got the middle three compounds. The see two three and four. According to parral high asphalt abrasion five out of five In in the low downforce here. So that's for that Drivers standings should mention here lewis hamilton. Of course has secured the world drivers championship for twenty twenty. There are a lot of other close fights going on voucher tossing second with one hundred and ninety seven master staff with one hundred and seventy. Sergio perez is in fourth with a clean one hundred points. Charlie clare fifth with ninety seven. Daniel ricardo in six with ninety six carlos sainz in seventh with seventy five landowners his teammate seventy four points and alex album and ninth with seventy peer gasoline. In tenth place was sixty three lent. Stroll is an eleventh with fifty nine. Then we've got esteban with forty sebastian. Fedel with thirty three. Daniel caveat has twenty six. Hobart holden strong fifteenth with ten points. Kimmy racket in antonio juvenile z are tied with four points. Roman grown has to kevin. Magnusson has one and nicholas latifi george. Russell have zero points in the constructors. Standings mercedes also secured their championship with five hundred. Four points to red bull racing's two hundred and forty in second place racing points in third with one hundred and fifty four mclaren has one hundred and forty nine. So that's close one renos and fifth with one hundred thirty. Six ferrari has one hundred and thirty alpha towery but further down in seventh place with eighty nine points although alfa romeo much further back with eight gene haas team have three and williams with zero. Or if you'd like to join our fantasy leagues for the last three races of the season you can do so with the link in the show notes. Should we take emails. Let's do a shift. F-foreign podcast the o. Dot com or dot com slash emails. First one comes in from brad and wants to recommend something for our patriae on movie reviews but I've also been watching this a lotta. They mentioned before. So i wanted to just throw it out there for people to watch Regardless of whether or not we do brad says i've been really enjoying road dilemma. Which is a porsche. Youtube series chronicling. Michael fast benders pursued of racing in lima. It's interesting to see while racing is at side of people trying to make it an f one and the series focuses in a lot of specific racing decisions with drivers view video. I keep watching it thinking. I'd love to hear the shift guys opinions on all this as a writing. Is there in the middle of season. Two seasons consists of short seven to eleven minute videos that you can churn through them quickly. Thanks for everything. That was brad. Yes i i think i mentioned this last year. I watched last year series. It was very.

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