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Yeah definitely go to hawaii and win. Yeah definitely can you be one of you. Nevada and air force. Yeah that's possible but really if you look into reality of you know you need to. You certainly have to beat wyoming hawaii and they get one of air force in the bad. That's pretty tough. Obviously a team hasn't shown that they can be consistent. They're kinda writing that roller coaster. So there's a chance but it's not a great one and you have to win this week. If you don't beat wyoming then you know mathematically. You'd still have a chance. But i think that would be the end of it. Those utah stayed in vanderbilt games looming large late in the season. Yeah yeah big time. Those are you know. assuming they don't make a bowl those are going to be the ones you sit there and look and say oh man we should have had those and you know especially vanderbilt at home. Obviously you every chance against utah day. Those are going to be the ones where you're kicking yourself with. Kevin lionel kevin. What are you working on my friend. What are you getting geared up for. Yeah well i had with a rivalry on the broadens boot. Is you know the the historic trophy. That was one of the oldest rivalries in college football When you got the boot back here it was. You know to be frank. Not in great shape it was grungy it was a little beat up and They they can't connected with a bronze ary company to fix it up. I'm trying to connect with that company just about the process of fixing old old Army boots so it should be pretty fun to hear about that and and we see the pictures of before and after. It's actually a really stark difference. So kinda of a fun little side note to the trophy that we'll be grabbed by someone on saturday. I'd be remiss. If i didn't bring that up i mean. Cc fan base a lot can be forgiven with a win. And keeping the boot against wyoming. Yeah i mean that definitely helps pacify everything if they win this week and then lose out as four and eight. It's not gonna be all by off but certainly helped You know that was one of the reasons. The anger was so high at the end of the bow buyer up because they didn't be any. You know the rivals so yeah. It absolutely helps. It helps last year and then especially doing district. They won the boot last year. It was very but then an empty stadium so getting to do it this year with the fans there. There's always a decent amount travelling fans that would be a really good moment for for coach dot and the whole team kevin. I'm glad you're back at Practice facilities what's been the what's been the attitude so far early in the season early in this week rather. I think they're okay. I think the good thing with a loss like that the boise say is having wyoming right after. You're not getting dwell on that at all. Because yeah i kind of don't care what your seasons like. You're you're gonna be you know pretty pumped to play wyoming. Think that's been the case of you know obviously do the film saying everything but mentally move on quickly from boise. so it seems like there Yeah fine and and eager to try and go in the boot. Kevin appreciate your time as always my friend. I'm sorry. I left you high and dry yesterday..

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