Sweden, French President, Libya discussed on Global News Podcast - Palestinians return to pray at holy site in Jerusalem


The villagers believe how much risk of they'd be put out here yeah we'll just to give you a bit more background to this for those catching up with the story at what happened is that has emerged swedish transport agency outsourced its it operations back in two thousand fifteen which left not so sensitive information involving millions of driving licences and vehicles being available to foreign workers in the czech republic andhra mania it unclear at the moment exactly what's happened it doesn't appear that any dangerous inflammation has been spread but that possibilities darian barazenka sweden one of the mes text ivy nations in the world louise reservations was reserve will be enough to keep his minority government in power well as some commentators argue that this is a pretty shrewd move in terms of reassuring voters seeking national stability particularly in the aftermath of the terror attack all those saying that the government still clinging onto power by a week's threat and one that could still break head of the country's next scheduled election in september 2018 we haven't had an will flow from uh the opposition centreright parties following the press conference at but as i said this does concede to some of their demands to out of three of the heads of a wanted to roll all rolling mahdi savage install crime this year alone more than two thousand three hundred people thought to have died trying to reach europe across the mediterranean now the french president is hoping to deter at least some migrants from attempting the dangerous crossing by processing asylum requests in libya by asta europe mike sanders what more was known about how this process would work the details off fairly scans of the moment president mackerel outlined these plans in a visit to a refugee a reception centre in central france the he said the idea is to creates spots either in libya roper sometimes nathalie and they've the audio where they would send french officials to process asylum claims there in conjunction with off problem which is the french government refugee agency so so that much we know it stems from an agreement in libya the brokered between the prime minister of fires as suraj and the army commander in these canada.

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