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Hey says you have 1988 0. Yeah, Then I just kind of going all the way says here after the Giants lost here. I have the story here from December. It was always with Simms trying in, uh, here it is a giant expected to make the playoffs and celebrate. Instead. When the Rams upset the 40 Niners last night, the Giants lost their last chance. After that game, the giant seems stunned and their words were muffled. I am very, very disappointed, said coach Bill Parcells. Nice Billy are the Giants offensive guard said. I was lying in bed thinking we go and play a good game and win a joint and start the playoffs has been a bad day. We lost everything in one shot Maurice Carthon. The Rams came to play. But where's the Phil Simms here? Hey, here's Phil Simms, he says. I'm just sitting here staring and watching the 40. Niners lay down like dogs. That's what you get. Sims. That's what you get. You see, Murph? He's always got it at his two cents. He wouldn't We didn't even like involve him. It's not my problem that you make Phil Simms here. Hey, felt seen. I'm getting pissed. Go win some more games. You want to get into that one at Giants Stadium when we won 49 to 3 Christ on the cross. You know what I'm saying? Happy birthday, man. Go giant. Yeah, yeah. Wait, wait. The Niners clinched the division at 10 and five that year. That doesn't make sense, does it? Hmm? It doesn't know. I think that's the way it went down, though. Yeah, that's right. Okay? Yeah. I don't think you do. Yeah. No, I think you know, Murph. I think, by the way, Santiago Michael's checked in, says he's all good with San Diego. Chris. I'm all good. I got a verbal from SD Mike, where we can proceed. Niners? What 10 and six and so did the Rams. And so did the Saint. How did the Niners win the division they wanted on a tiebreaker. That? Yeah. They must have outplayed him in the regular season in the division. That's back when the Saints were still in the NFC West. Yeah, yeah, Interesting. Anyway. Point being is that Simms didn't like it. That's speaking of the Rams that gets back to what I brought this up yesterday. I want to nail this down for anybody here. Rams Seahawks. Um I can't believe. I mean, I'm really him. Overtly rooting for the Rams. Yeah, like I'm not even high. It's not easy to do that, By the way, I don't have it easy. Are you gonna sit that one out, and we hope they both lose kind of? I kind of feel more like that. That's just watch this thing out of curiosity, But I can't. I don't really I don't know. I don't really ride with the Rams ever, you know, really dislike Seattle. Really Real Nick strongly dislike Seattle and Pete Carroll with the come and Russ and Russell. Jamal Adams isn't on that. And I know right and I don't see the Ramses any kind of threat it all night. Sweep of every time they play him, So I'm not concerned about the ramps. Yeah, Esso, I'd go. Yes, That's what I'm that's what I'm thinking and helps. You got a thought on that one. Because you're right. That is kind of an interesting for an NFC West team. Uh, fans like us of the Niners like How do you How do you look at that game Coach? I'm the same as you guys. I think I'd rather the Rams win just because they're more likely to lose in the second round, right, like they fear the worst shot between the two and making a run. So I say with me come with you if we have to pick one gun to my head. I'll go Rams and then your word against him in the second round. Yeah. Somebody's gotta win with the rail. Do you guys? I mean, this might be too much because I don't have it in front of me. But do we know who the winner of the Seattle Rams games? Which game They're gonna Tristen called in the terms of the bracket with the bracket look like where would they go next? And who would they think now with these seven teams? I'm not sure I'm not either. Yeah, I'll try to find a bracket for you. In the meantime, how about what Florio had to say about the Tampa Bay Washington game? Extremely pessimistic about Washington chances. Extremely pessimistic. I was I was hopeful that maybe the somehow Washington football team could be in that thing, but it's like everybody's just like no. And that ain't happening. You're going down. I can't find the bracket. I might take the points. A lot of points copes. I like the points too. You know, the bracket matter is one shall recede after the first round. Good questions Really? Not sure is that you know, I don't know what this expense. I mean, in the past, they have, I would assume they do again. I don't think that have they do they? Yes, everyone. Yeah, they received after the first of the N B. A. Doesn't nobody goes except the NFL. If Okay, So I mean, so if the Rams would be the lowest remaining see, they would get the one. See if they're the lowest remain, they'd go to Green Bay. All right. And then you because they would be grams Go to Green Bay. They're gonna get destroyed in Tampa Bay would play. Could play the It's a temporary within played five. Probably the Saints, okay? If the Saints hold serve Can the Saints knockout Tampa but she just got here is two teams. I don't want advancing Seattle in Tampa Bay. That's all I care. You're really picking up on the Brady thing, Boy. You are really putting your foot down with him this time with them. Done, Boy. Yeah, I want to watch that our bills jump shout out to Tom Brady Sr. He's a big listener in front. I've got Tom Brady senior on the job cast, for God's sakes. He's a great guy. I know he is, and I might see him at a might see him on a And a golf course right time soon and, you know, have toe. You know what you're talking about The guy, son right now, That's all right. Are you talking about my kid? Yeah, Seriously, I've never got very personal face, guys right down the street, right up the street from Creative, Tony, For God's sakes, you know, listen to the show that we should get on the air. Yeah, I'm following the example set by Ted Cruz. You could talk about his wife. And then he just He turns around. He's a loyalist. Look at you. You got the loyalist. Say what you want about my dad. My wife. I'm here for you. I'm still a little bit of a Tom Brady loyal I feel like look at this point like the guy and let's face it. He didn't have his greatest year ever by a long shot. I mean, he's still figuring it out down there. But the fact that he's his old as he is, and he's been doing it as long as he is at the level. He's been doing it like you got to give it up. I think it's Wayne Gretzky like I think he was top five in passing again. Hey, was he really passengers? He was like Godfrey, I did not know that he finished really strong. Right, which is better than start strong, right is when he picks it yet this is and this is his time a year. I always felt he got a chance. I don't know why people. I mean, he's got a chance to go. Good chances. Any of them no question. What's Aaron Rodgers got the Tom Brady hasn't seen and done, you know, 10 times over cold weather, But no, I mean, he locks burrow. He would do that to you about Brady 40 touchdowns issue 12 picks. Got you know, I see coastal 4600 yards passing. Hey, listen, I don't know about you, but I just give it up and say respect means enjoy watching what you can't. Now The bucks are pleading intimate, plus 1000 to win the Super Bowl chiefs are the favorite. There you go See every loose chief Hackers or second chief said, Plus 1 90 Packers At Plus 4 50. Bills number three At plus 700 Saints number four plus.

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