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I think you me he would have had to move light heavyweight but because of the way this division is he gets a false alarm nicely and to the number six spot and he's right therefore title shot and it's going to it's going to be interesting to see what happens coming up between in september between david branch ansi who gets the title shot because if luke rocco loses and don't think there's it's out of the question that david branch they were ranch has the ability to win this fight oh totally and the reason why say doesn't normally i would not say he has a shot but look rocco has not really hasn't fought since he lost the title the last time we saw him was over a year ago when he got knocked out by michael businessman and he's got injured since and he just recently recovered from a injury i mean he asked he's in for a good fight this medal this this and this win it really puts the middleweight division in perspective here with good with chris wyman um so anything else you let's say about this division i'm pretty happy with his division actually it preaches it may mayhew may call a thin but this is death row i would not want me this is a crazy division and that's why everyone has losses because everyone can kill everyone except for the champ yeah it's insane given sad to say and you know i i hope i do not run a guy hey i did not see michael biz ring beating luck luke roc called and he still knocked him out here's the thing though.

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