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Where I've. Gotten in the car and there's been like a fly or something. And, I felt it on my. Neck or my arm and and I I stopped the. Car and I can't take care of that situation right away I don't I don't drive all the way home give them to look back yeah that's that's. A little. Bug none of rabid, bats freaky story out of sensiti center and the final story that were just barely. Going to have time? To get to a woman's gonna spend fifteen fifteen days in jail for collecting forty seashells She Texas Horace collected forty Queen con seashells from Key West Florida apparently that's that's a big deal The judge sentenced the woman from Dallas to serve six months of probation and pay a five hundred dollar. Fine plus two hundred. Sixty dollars for court costs for taking a forty Queen conches from. The, waters it's around key west She said she didn't know taking the shells from the beach was a legal and she was planning on giving the state protected mollusks away as gifts taking a living Queen. Conch is a legal Also, killing mutilating or removing a living green con from a shell is prohibited according to the Florida fish and wildlife conservation Commission I had no idea that that, was a. Legal. So I can say I don't necessarily agree. Seems to be going to jail. For this by also she. Must be really weird because he wants to take home like a giant. Especially tight. Yeah and then give to. Your forty of them you're really needed forty of these there was an empty shell. I could understand. A little bit more than one that was a living she was she was, actually snitched on she was arrested by an officer from the commission after a tipster called the agency oh my God I that doesn't. Surprise me. Because I bet you the. Residents of key west stick that stuff very seriously so when they are picking up. Seashells they meet Him, knocked honor I mean I'm sure she didn't know really needed to take forty of those giant hermit. Crab things home that's a rough. Trip to Florida I bet she won't become to. Key west anytime soon coming up in, the next segment we'll do. Our weekend events segment here on PM Tampa Bay Traffic and weather by heart radio Stein seventy WFL a From the Florida central credit union home, loans traffic center..

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