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On the sidewalk because we're being pushed so forcefully by please. One of them was pushing. They're back on the iTunes is faces said Does this make you feel good? You gonna look me in eye? The NYPD tweeted photos of two knives, a stun gun and what appear to be firecrackers that were recovered from the protest. They say those individuals were trying to hijack a peaceful protest. Long Island officials were monitoring to covert 19 clusters, one of which is linked to a polling site in Southampton Self A county executive Steve Alone says that six of 10 confirmed cases where poll workers who are currently isolating All positive cases from that site are currently under isolation. And they're 48 contacts. Associate ID with that polling site that are under quarantine right now. The other cluster under surveillance is linked to a gathering of high school students in the town of Showroom alone, says that more than 150 students and staffers are under isolation. New York election officials say it could take weeks to no results in some local down ballot races. That's because more than 350,000 mail in ballots need to be counted, and they are still arriving in the mail. Also, for the first time in New York, election officials will have to contact voters if there are problems with their ballots. And give them a five day window to fix any issues. Counting starts on Monday, and we'll continue seven days a week until it is done. 55 degrees. Now mostly sunny today with a high near 65 this afternoon tonight mostly cloudy with a low of 54 degrees. This is W Welcome back to news hour. We'll be talking about Arizona, Nevada and Pennsylvania shortly first, though, let's turn to China on the sweeping powers. Beijing granted itself in Hong Kong in July, the National Security law, which has made it illegal to talk about some sudden subjects inside the territory. Legislations reach, though, extends far beyond Hong Kong. Foreign universities have realized the law has also brought censorship to their own doors, Michael Bristowe reports. Glory to Hongkong Unofficial anthem for the totals. Pro democracy protesters is now banding schools. Just one way in which speeches being curtailed in.

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