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The same time or some crazy like that the little the little clone girl says no these dinosaurs need to be free because they're just like me and there are two ways to read this the first is she's a little girl and she shouldn't be anywhere near that button broken her hands all knowledge but but does this does this also mean that a little children are evil just like the dinosaurs because that's what i'm might take away from this no soul don't know sole just like these dinosaurs you know no soul don't clone these kids don't clone kid then what did he do selfishness i mean he in exactly she she she she reasons like a child and we are supposed to act like this childish wisdom is is is some sort of great good when in fact it's actually evil and wicked and wrong and everyone in that movie everyone in that movie is is terrible and makes bad decisions and i hate them all but it's not just bad as vic yori chris pratt fan yeah i like chris pratt to good american did chris pratt do anything for you in this movie because this was the most phoned in performance ever seen him he escaped the jaws of t rex in the cage i as me that he didn't get chopped in half that that i just no i mean he likes he carried the first drastic world you know and it's not the same in this one though it's true his vork his value over replacement chris very low in the movie i what the problem is the characters just not very good yeah i mean the characters just kinda lame character giving anything to do but he also doesn't do it with very much panache yeah i think he maybe wants to get out of the dressing business i don't know i i don't know i was hoping to see sam neill but that didn't happen i felt like also the the end of the movie with the auction it kinda reminded me of the of take you know and here's already this one is pure and aren't the whores insanely cheap like ten million dollars that was crazy and in fact granted it's not the open market it's a black market where the operation so this i think they they needed they needed one hundred twenty million dollars or so the operation to rescue the dinosaurs had to have caused very nearly that as an roi proposition this whole thing makes no sense and that's why toby jones who plays probably one of the coke brothers i'm not sure who he supposed to be in this movie if they make him so obviously the critique swipe at trump the nasty woman you know what i got that reminds one of america's foremost trumpeters i just stop the movie it's it's it's near the middle of the film where there stephen line the character and he said that yes and it does not it doesn't align like that does not exist except as a signal fellow travel signal to please don't do this i wrote a whole piece about this for the washington post it's symbolizes the decline of the quip which is like a good one liner in an action movie like is absurd but it keeps you within the world of the movie by heightening the absurdity yes and like this very explicitly takes you out of the phil exactly what about it's like hey we're antitrump look good we got your notes about the first film note that clair's wearing any heels she's gotten books on and we do the nasty woman like who cares yeah i hated that vic for did you feel like the movie delivered on the promise of its trailer like how how satisfied were you when you walked out of this thing i made again impression was clouded because of the guy kept up past it was like i i was sick to my okay okay you're you're deprived of oxygen my kids my kids loved it of course however walking out my son or towards the end my son leans into me and he says it's like drastic to the second one where they come into sandy said yeah that's that's exactly what it and they have to deal with that but the again it's just it's this can of worms okay could open this up and now all the roaming all over the country so we know what this is about as about making another movie this is the first time i remember big blockbuster like this failing to deliver on the money shot from the trailer so the money shot in the.

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