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To have such a strong community and to fill reenergize feature is and we've been really impressed by how supportive that community has been not only for teachers. Public education. Teachers gathered in grand park has the deal was announced yesterday they stayed to hear terms of the deal from the LA president then headed back to their respective schools to vote a jury is decided damages in a civil lawsuit of excessive force involving an Orange County sheriff's deputy, the family's lawyer dean, Dan, Stormer says the verdict was not for the death of the man a deputies shot more than a dozen times in two thousand thirteen the force that was used against him as he was dying was valued at three hundred and sixty thousand that force included a primarily three headstones which resulted in a fractured skull demand. Slashed it three people including an officer before he was shot to death lawyers for the deputy say it's difficult to second. Guess an incident that only lasted twenty three seconds a nurse in Phoenix has been arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting an impregnating an unconscious patient the twenty nine year old patient has been in vegetative state since she was three. So something was clearly wrong when she gave birth last month the thirty six year. Old nurse has been arrested had been one of the women's caretakers. The woman's parents have disputed media reports saying she's in a coma. The parents say the woman has significant intellectual disabilities, but has feelings and is capable of responding to people. She knows thousands of migrating birds have died at the Salton sea this month from avian, cholera, California Department. Officiant games has duck skulls and other birds were found dead at the state's largest lake between January eighth and last Thursday. Avian cholera is a bacterial disease spread through direct contact or contaminated food or water ATM. Tim Olympic champion you. Same bolt is quitting a different athletic endeavor. The thirty two year old sprinters says he's ending his bid to become a pro soccer player. He spent the past two months, traveling with the team in Australia and today is national pie day like PI day. According to the Denver post that tradition. Started in one thousand nine hundred seventy five when a teacher in Boulder Colorado declared his birthday national pie day. This holiday is not to be confused though with pi day as. API which is in March and celebrates both the sweet treats and the number pi traffic from the helpful socal Honda traffic.

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