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Can us cbs news special reports it's the march of our lives is up we keep seeing these shootings on the news it may be the march of their lives as well cbs's kris van cleave in washington dc one mother brought her kindergartner here she told me because he's already having to go through active shooter drills in kindergarten she thought it was important for him to see that there were a lot of people out here hoping to to bring about change so he didn't have to worry about bad guys in his school in the wake of the park one florida school massacre young people taking it to the streets across the country today a national call for gun control on the march route in manhattan wcbs reporter ethan heart while many of the parkland students are in washington some of their parents are here in new york speaking at a rally of central park before thousands of people hit the streets these people are demanding changing gun laws and they tell lawmakers that if they don't see action they will take it paul mccartney seen in the crowd cbs walker stapleton believes colorado cities are endangering our safety with their reckless sanctuary city policies i absolutely believe the denver as a sanctuary city handle rura walker staples insists sanctuary cities put the rights of criminal illegal immigrants over the rights of american citizens not the problem with the sanctuary cities as it ultimately what you end up doing is you end up treating illegals with more rights than lawabiding us citizens and to me that's fundamentally wrong as governor walker stapleton will stand with our law enforcement officers and support them in their duty to protect colorado's from dangerous criminal immigrants it's incumbent upon the governor of colorado the backup launch forsman officials when they're just trying to enforce the law and making their communities safer vote walker stapleton for governor for safer cities and a safer colorado paid for by better colorado now katy kennedy registered agent not authorized by any candidate printing and denver denver rents have consistently gone up fourteen fifteen on through today can you imagine how i.

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