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Murder. Things have happened. Yeah, way weirder things have happened. Hammerin Nigel On the night between couples weekend mash up Rick Snyder of the President of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge, 86. Joining us here on the hammer and Nigel Show, So Rick watching it last night, it appeared that a couple different amendments or brought to the table here. One of them passed a couple. Others had some questions back and forth. And I thought a pretty good compromise and I can't remember the exact counselor who brought it up was Listen. We've had an amendment here. We've got a lot of questions. Why don't we pump the brakes reassemble? We'll talk things out a little bit, and we'll come up. They bipartisan plan where the people won't be embarrassed by this, But that wasn't good enough and they rushed it through last night. Do I have this correct? Wasn't it telling that the original comments were from the The counselors that introduced this is that we want to put the public back in public safety. Yet when their proposal is being heard, they never did publish the actual proposal until 10 minutes before the meeting on then, last night, amendments were reviewed and approved without any public input and no publication of those amendments. We're actually told that the amendments and the amended proposal would be completed and published once they had already voted on it. On. Then we're at a public assembly room where the public wasn't allowed to come in way had over 100 residents, police, families and business owners who were shut out and required to stand out in the hallway due to quote unquote covert restrictions. But yet they had 100 people standing together in the hallway, and those folks stood there for five straight hours waiting for this vote, and they were not allowed to share their thoughts. I just think we could be doing this better. It's a classic example of overreach and this approach to what is being called reform is going to start our police perform and not in a positive way, way better with this revolver, middle ground which gets and civilians on the board. Keep the authority with the chief of police so that there's also a single person who is accountable. And that way we avoid our politicians pointing fingers at one another, But hammer I ask you again. That's exactly what you sold, not meeting last night. Was everybody pointing fingers at one another imagine when lives are on the line. So we still have an option available to us, the mayor of Indianapolis has the opportunity to Sinus into a wall or two veto it, send them back to the drawing board and encourage additional input from the community. Some folks trusted voices at Lake Reverend Harrison suggested. Perhaps it should be put on a ballot, even if it's such a major issues such as this, and I think there's things that could be identified, but I think there's also fair compromises. That could be made that would actually push us forward community and cops together rather than poison in the well and add to the further further concern. Of a lack of trust and respect. And Rick were speaking with Rick Snyder, president of the Fraternal Order of Order of Police. And, You know we have conversations with you regularly on this sort of thing. We ever conversations with with Reverend Charles Harrison 10 Point Coalition, But we're talk show host man like what is the input from the people who actually have power? You just mentioned the mayor. What is the mayor say when you talk or are their conversation to have you? Talk to the mayor. What suggestions air coming from the mayor's office. Well, I don't know if you saw that our officers yesterday after and actually made attempt to go to the mayor's office and speak with them in person. Yes, they were pretty serious about about the issue because it's serious. What is going on here now? He wasn't able to meet with them. But he has made the offer that he will meet with Those folks before he makes a decision, and I strongly encourage him to do so. I think that that would be helpful. Listen, there's nothing wrong If the mayor says Hey, let's take another look at this. That's good public policy to kick that back and get further input. I've said it before. Change for the sake of change doesn't make good public policy. Deliberative steps that involved everyone and actually find good middle ground. That's what makes good public policy and moves are police department for. We're not afraid of change and and improvements. I think this is just a classic example of overreach, and I think the mayor has to make a decision if he's going to abdicate the police department. Our officers really believed him when he said he would be the director of public safety when he said the buck would stop with him. We just want to make sure That this isn't going to be ah, time and place where the buck is going to get past and we can't have that happening. So it's his police department. He needs to maintain control of it, and also responsibility for Thie. The citizens elected him under that premise. And don't forget. Officers supported him under that premise, so we'll see what decision he makes. I think he'll make the right decision. We're hopeful that and hopefully we can keep the communication going and get to a good result that everybody can be happy with. Rick Snyder is the president of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge. 86, Rick, As always, we appreciate your insight, my man. Thank you so much and stay safe. Thank you. Weekend mash up. This is what's happening. Indiana State Health commissioner has.

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