President Trump, Mississippi River, Alabama discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Congress I'm Paul Stevens fox news both houses of Congress promising action on racial discrimination of police violence Senate Democrats on Sunday announcing a bill called the justice in policing act aimed at eliminating incidents like the killing of George Floyd New Jersey senator Cory Booker this is not a system that is always explicitly done by over racism this is a system that's really bait good we all have to take responsibility for and get practice it is bad to like a you're gonna see the bill we're gonna release they just give greater transparency and greater accountability for those working with police center book on NBC's meet the press Utah senator Mitt Romney marching Sunday in the nation's capital in a protest against police mistreatment of minorities making him the first Republican senator known to do so Romney posting a tweet showing him wearing a mask as he walked with black lives matter protesters in Washington I love the photo he wrote black lives matter The New York Times reported the former president George W. bush will not support president trump's reelection campaign the latest polls show that president trump faces an uphill battle this November with Biden former vice president Joe Biden ahead of them by seven points that's outside the margin of error from this latest poll now the New York times reports that former president George W. bush does not plan to support the president's reelection campaign bush himself did not release a statement and the times does not say who their source is the trump campaign that was pushing back with the statement of their own though they say quote president trump has the support of a record number of Republicans across the country you leave the United party and we'll win in November fox's mark Meredith tropical storm crystal ball coming ashore Sunday Louisiana also bringing high wind and heavy rain to nearby areas of Mississippi and Alabama the storm also spinning off a tornado in north Florida for its landfall Sunday not far from the mouth of the Mississippi River America.

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