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And poems. And also animals. She was a patron saint of animals as well. This is travel with Rick Steves. We're talking Irish saints with two Irish tour guides, Kathy Ryan, from county louth, and Stephen with felony from dingle Peninsula. When I think about Ireland, I think of a heroic struggle against the English, a lot of great patriots were martyred in the struggling against the English, are some of them considered saints. Yeah, we've had saints who were martyred in the 1600s when the English would come in. These were mostly priests and bishops who refused to accept the rule of the Church of England, so they were executed and then they have been since been beatified by the Catholic Church official. Officially. Okay, so Rome embraced the importance of this. And the most famous are my favorite and we have sent Oliver plunkett associated with the town of drogheda, and sent Oliver plunket was a great man, but he was sort of framed and set up and convicted of treason, and he was taken to the Tower of London where he was hung drod and quartered, and his head was chopped off and thrown into a fire with the head never burned. It never decayed in the head is now in a glass box in Saint Peter's cathedral in the Main Street Andrade. It's in a big gold box. There's an ornamentation on the box that must be 25 feet tall. They have DNA tested this head and they've done tests with local people who would be as descendants so we can see if we say it is his head. And it's also you just look at him, but he was made a scene. That's an extraordinary sense. So you're driving north of Dublin and that's quite a remarkable little side trip as you head further north. Absolutely beautiful. If they call it the emerald valley and it's the gateway to the north, continue on up the highway and then stop at Fahrenheit. Which is the birthplace of saint Bridget, and her healing stones are there, which predate the oracle at Delphi, and there's healing stones for the eyes, for the mind, whether it's mental illness or whether you're suffering from depression or headaches. She has a knee stones, a heart stone, fertility stone. It's an extraordinary place to visit. We're talking 500 BC. Yes. Talking a long time ago. Long time. And then when you're finished there, if you want, you can continue on up the road to a time called down Patrick, where there's a three for one special waiting for you. In the graveyard in the graveyard of the church there, you have Saint Patrick, saint brigid and saint Columba all buried in the wonton. Come together. Oh my goodness. And eternal party. Yeah, just to make that point saint Columba is also called saint column kill and no discussion about Irish scenes would be complete without mentioning that great man as well because he was the man who brought Christianity to Scotland, you see. From Ireland. From Ireland and he's also supposed to have killed the Loch Ness monster. He's a double hero. Double here. And he was a great copyist. He inspired the copiers of the monasteries to do the books like the book of castle. This was the great art of the dark ages of the 8th and 9th century that area. You talk about the history like you lived it. It's amazing how close people in a place like Ireland are to their heritage. To be able to dip into that in your travels, brings your travels to life. And of course, as a tour guide, that's your profession to share that with all the people who visit your country so they can be inspired by the rich heritage and history that's all around when you travel. Steven mcfarlane,.

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