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Also think to reply to do who said that even though Jimmy Butler has played on great teams and play with dare grows the youngest MVP in history. I don't think he's played on scene with this much talent. Inside presence later, all and be so. It could translate to two wins in with this particular teams is a very good team at the top. They still got some things to work out some people that could be added. I would like to go see them, you know, show some interest in Chandler Parsons wants him and agrees. These part ways. Flea played us alone. So I my opinion of him is nothing right now because I haven't seen any more. Need more? We get a buyout. He's going to need a job. We see about that. Have they confirmed that there were there part what They going to? be working on something right now if they were player he was he was a clear to play December twenty first at the beginning of season. He was a starter in coach because he shot forty two percents from three last year. And so when he came back he was ready to play in. They wouldn't play him. And he had a he had a practice. I let me by the way, he was draining several threes and was telling GM, you know, I wanna play another three in. A f- in jersey. And so why didn't this national moves? I heard about this. Talkin psoriasis everybody always had to shit on channel partners. I hate when people can sit on for having injuries burrow. Because there's literally nothing they can do about it literally like when people used to sit on their grows they used to. I'm not even I wouldn't even bolles fan. But he's just I shake me. Because it's like it's in your body breaking down on you. Century. I promise you Facebook was doing nothing, but they're role with me. When he hit the bed worth three in a playoff to win the game against the Cavs. Back on they have right back channel Parsons been doing everything he can to get back. He went to Germany what he's special injections and everything. So he's been trying apology letter. He's been doing say and like I'm sorry like because he got the ninety four million. I wonder if he's still on Instagram while in though because he was a period of time when he was in the DMZ of every model, maybe Rabi he grew up. Okay. Setup at home. But yeah, real interested in that situation to see how that pans out. Because I know a lot of people going to be interested in China, Parsons, even if they could just get a little bit him. The only thing that scares people away was the money. So if they if he can get hit the open market without that money being attached the ninety four million that that the grass inside before. And even even at even channel partners that his best. I don't know if he's worth ninety four. I'm sorry. I mean, he was he was one of my favorite players when the healthy. So he is but ninety four million. That's third. Probably four. That's deep pockets. I think Jimmy Butler day should take a script outta the. And maybe they do this already. I can't act like I'm the biggest six watcher. But drew. Billy Donovan with with the thunder last year. He used to do the start the game. We're gonna take metal and Paul George out. Russell have is time. They were gonna take Russell out. Paul George have his time and didn't mellow ahead. Maybe Jimmy Butler knees moments were Ben Simmons ain't on a core. And then you can give him his isolation. They've been doing that lately there..

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