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L D. That was Eric Ron. I mean, he's he's off the charts. I mean, he he's gotta be thrilled. I mean, what's going? Yeah. Yeah. He's doing ago, he'll got joking around that very side that what's it like behind that line, everybody talks about that line Marlin? Oh, great of those guys that is complete measure of guys attack. Everything case has been toes and testament anytime not let your touch. And then when you review in the film room when Quinton Nelson steal somebody soul. And and and does that too grown ass men with children? I mean, what is it like in the film room when you see some of these maneuvers? Always like, please every time once again, but we already know that you can do it. But it's still like mad crazy like this guy's worth eight already in your e doing as complete. Do you wanna put Hebron on the phone line? Is you wanna get on the home Marlin, and he has never really go. You know, he's going to eat lunch to all right? Go on Lux flip phone or something like that. Marlin thanks for the call preciado. Good luck to you against Kansas City, and we'll chat down the line. Thank you. That's Marlin MAC here on the show. It goes. Man. Eric Hebron twenty four carries one hundred forty eight rushing yards in a score. Last colts running back with a hundred or more rushing yards in a playoff game. It'll be Dominic Rhodes should've been suitable MVP. It could have been yet. I know. We had those rushing yards. Also, you know when you give Peyton Manning that cover to look like the bears did that night. He's just gonna take the open the open guy every time every time Dominic road snow. You know, and then and then the hundred forty eight rushing yards is the franchise record for the colts. For the playoffs down you doing it and e Brunton waiver? All right. Let's Donna Mississippi's been hanging on forever. What's going on? On ridge. How're you tower? Taking my call. Thanks for hanging in there. I appreciate it. Just thinking about the smoldering wreckage wreckage from the championship game last night. I think a lot of people try to evaluate what happened there. And I look back at a couple of indicators not only the playoff games, I think Clemson played a little bit better against Notre Dame than Alabama date against Oklahoma. Then you look back a little further. You already talked about the Sarah Cue's game or Clemson came back, which you know as terrific game. But I look at the Alabama citadel game was citadel leading at ten ten nothing at half time. You know, you look at those things, and you say what were some indicators leading up to the game that may have had had some sort of you know, reaction or possibilities for the game. Turn out the way it did last night. I I hear you Don, I the only indicator I take from the Alabama citadel game. Is that sit L and. Alabama should never be on the same schedule and an Alabama just always just has some sort of warm up for Auburn game at that that that's insane. And I'm and I don't know how you know what that does for college football, quite frankly. But I know what it does for Alabama. But you know, I I'm just concerned for the sport to be honest with you. I mean who's going to touch Alabama. And Clemson, and I know that there's Georgia fans and Ohio State fans out here that are saying that they had they should've had an opportunity in Oklahoma is going to reload Texas going to get better, you never know. But thanks to called on. That's why I'm saying. Eight teams. And you might be saying, well, the semi-final is a blow out both of them and the finals was a blow out. So what will more teams do except to get more blogs? And I say the teams that don't make it in to the final four because they're not perfect enough are good enough to win it all..

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