New Jersey, Senate Judiciary Committee, Joe Bartlett discussed on First Morning News


O R. It's sixty one degrees here at five thirty on your Monday morning, September twenty four th twenty eighteen good morning. I might Bauer for Joe Bartlett cloudy some clearing later on this afternoon. And this hour news brought to you by Lincoln of parameters. Well, top democrat on the Senate Judiciary committee is calling for a halt any further proceedings of Brad Kavanagh supreme court nomination this morning after allegations of sexual misconduct. The latest tariffs against China are officially now in effect Bill. Cosby the cause may have just had his last weekend of freedom. Apple is turning down. A streaming service based on the life of Dr dre because CEO Tim cook as issues with it in a bipartisan aviation Bill is letting go of language that would require airlines to make sure baggage fees are reasonable and proportional. In sports. The Mets beat the nationals in Washington the bombers lost a Baltimore at the stadium. The giants beat the Texans in Houston and Tiger Woods posted his first PGA win since twenty thirteen five thirty one thirty writer has her eyes on your streets. Good morning Bernie in New Jersey on the Garden State Parkway northbound by. Exit one forty five that's for two eighty east orange two lanes are closed. That's right and center lanes. You've got a crash there. Route one southbound slowing up in Edison between old post road and Plainfield avenue. No major problems on the New Jersey turnpike. If you're heading for the Hudson river crossings right now, they're all pretty quiet. Not seeing any major troubles there. Alternate side parking roles are suspended for today and tomorrow, we still have to feed the meters. And it's also a gridlock. Alert day with the UN general assembly now in Connecticut on ninety five look up restored vehicle sewing you down..

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