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I totally agree. I mean, it was not lover exhausted. We just got in here. Like it was. Hey, man. And his what it is. I put the I black on the pillow. Let's go. We. Oh V in the panic room. There was no sign of any of that. There was in a in a great mood. I loved how he he planned to wear the jersey to try to lighten up the mood knew that they were going through something that was a little difficult stretch. And look this team has managed when they've been backed into the corner. Time. And it sounds like certainly that he's ready to go. And I love it. It's going to continue to wear. This thing is today will fly another guy will wear uniform home with me. And then we win tomorrow and other guy. Yeah. I love it. It's kind of a Joe Madden thing right is. And it's absolutely. So lightens the mood. Hopefully all goes, well, and they can play well today and win a baseball game in Washington. Got the the men in blue out there. Protecting the fine city. There they go love seeing when those guys are walking down State Street with a smile on their face to beautiful day here in Chicago. So we'll take fast time out. We have got Marky Mark put out his daily routine. Okay. We're going to go through Marky. Mark wahlberg. Yes. Okay. Could you not it's been a while? He's back. Yeah. And the funky bunch Silverman Marky, Mark who's who's marking Marky, Mark? Yes. You guys should know who he is. And he goes by Mark Wahlberg, and he's been in a band knows them? So. And we're thirty minutes away from the brand new game. Thirty minutes early minutes from playing the game was Carmen and year ago, it's really unfair. They're just being lands led to slaughter Chicago ever wonder what it's like to play the world's finest golf clubs clubs that have won. Every major pro tour around the globe ever wonder what it feels like to be custom fit like a tour. Pro you can stop wondering has opened a brand new state of the art golf fitting retail studio, you wanna enjoy lower scores and way more fun on the golf course..

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