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Structurally unietd these things and you need or in more and more of them as our absolutely because like we just moved into this new house a little over a year. Oh no almost two years ago anyway. My last house. I got everything down to a fucking science. Everything was organized. There was a routine there was like i was just in this really good flow and ever since we've moved into this new house and of course i had a baby like i feel like i'm still trying to catch up to that but like whenever i have the time yes i am trying to get to organize i have you know three different paper planners for what reason i don't know 'cause i yes. Oh yeah i'll post it notes all over the wall like i just. I do feel that need to be organized and have a system. But sometimes i do struggle with actually making the time to come up with them but once i do on my oh thank god like and i can just take a breath but i crave that yeah absolutely and you know in addition to this because like i said jitter can't be fortunes virgo is ruled in a way by kind of these earthly hard-working energies the sixth house. So what this also says to me is. You're going to have the most material success when you have that structure. It's not. I don't want you to think of it. As structure is in like physical structure. It's mental structure. You know what. I need it and down to like because yes you can have these to do lists things muse things but if we're not honoring your emotions if we are offering the essence of who you are will never reach this next step and so that way. It's kind of like it always comes back to each other right. We can expect you to be performing at your best if everything else is still all over the place. It's not so any junior day to help. You have some of that small routines which i know is next to impossible as a mom lake. I would love to get you know even even little rituals where it's being taken extra two minutes to wash your face or this hagan extra three minutes in the shower and that by the end of the day you've built in ten extra minutes of of this mind building ritualistic feeling that you need to survive as a person. Oh yeah because. I feel like i've always struggled with anxiety on some level but then with the last year and being a mom like my head was just constantly buzzing. Feel like like everything was i couldn't keep track of things and so i've been trying like in the probably the past two weeks to really be intentional about that to factor in it time or whatever like you said taking a shower..

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