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And remember guys were also releasing absolutely free on a recorded message right now the championship match up between Ellis you when Clemson which I'm gonna do my best to get this straight a play and a Mister Ricci right now so keep listening but I think I can get something out of them so let's talk about this game Ellis who comes out on Monday night let's end the show with this talk to me what do you think on this game all you want to go inside the numbers is that what you're asking me all of that three pick on the errors I don't want to you you're just going to squeeze me I love it that's why we got on the show Willis money money let's year ball teams are coming into this contest fourteen and straight up claims and hasn't lost the game basically into full seasons there are eleven and three against the spread this year that means yeah eight games over five hundred if you bet and climbs in this year scoring an average of forty five points a game and only allowing twelfth running the football for two hundred and forty seven passing for almost three hundred five hundred and forty yards of total offense LSU again also Fortino nine and five against the spread scoring forty nine points a game and allowing twenty two running the football for more than a hundred and sixty seven yards and the stud Joe borrow Heisman Trophy winner three hundred and ninety seven yards in the air giving them a total output of five hundred and six one five yards I mean this is really when you look at it on paper really something special Joe borrow has been a special quarterback all year long but let's face it times and got no slouch over there either he's coming back another year travel Lawrence will be next year's number one draft pick this year will be Joe borrow I mean they've got two studs one game the line opened up LSU minus five it's gone to five and a half I mean look at CC football has been dominant in this sport for a long time but I think Clemson is already proven that they know how to slay the dragon that's exactly what they're going to do in this game they're going to slow it down on L. issue they're going to hold on to the football the gonna run it they're going to run it down Ellis use throat they may fall behind in this game Ellis you very well should go into the half all three to ten points but when it's all said and done like claims ended last week they'll break down their opponent they'll break that defense down they'll be able to throw one play action the second half of this game I'll be all over Clemson and I look for collection to get the job done get another national championship under their belt go two years without losing a football game and I gotta tell you this is a team no one gave any credit to last year they got it done against Alabama and they're going to do it again against another big SEC team this year look for claims are not only to cover to win this game out right you heard it here right on the radio I gave a tia you're right why not Rick you think I'm not you're looking at me like my eyes are so good but you know who wins one on anyone else and you know let me ask you a question if I'm telling you to get on the underdog in this game what do you do what you're gonna follow your gut are you going to do what I'm telling this originally I've been sitting in the cat bird seat for over a decade when it comes to following instructions as your client who's better than me absolutely no one which is exactly why opinion absolutely guys Mister Ricci is the man he says Clemson.

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Clemson, Ellis discussed on Blowout Winner

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