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Ten seventy NewsRadio weather's going to be partly. Cloudy and humid highs from the mid seventy s to around eighty at the beaches around ninety inland could, drift up to one hundred degrees. In the valleys or even an outside chance that some isolated thundershowers might drift down into the eastern portions of LA county eighty. Six degrees in studio city in downtown it's eighty five degrees at eleven oh. Seven. Tens of thousands of, people are still out of their homes crews continue battling. That huge fire killed six people. In and, around the northern California city of reading but some others are finally being To go back into areas that are now safe new figures show that the fire destroyed more than two hundred excuse me seven hundred twenty home so far and is chewed up almost one hundred thousand acres and it's still only twenty percent contained Ed Bledsoe says he'd only been gone from his home for fifteen minutes when it. Was overtaken by flames killing his, wife and. Two great grandchildren just four and five years old I was talking to my little grandson on the phone he's saying Rampal please you gotta come in hill was. A fires at the back door Said I'm right by hold on Grandpa's coming KCBS San Francisco reporter Holly quantities in reading today and tells KNX it's been a really, hard fire to control over that incident command looking at the. Map and it's like he threw a pebble in a pond and all those you know so the ripple waves well that's how they looked at. The way that this. Fire burned and that was unusual for them it doesn't usually burn in all directions at the same time by the way the temperature and reading today. He is expected to hit a hundred and eight degrees and. That just. Adds another layer of difficulty to the firefighters trying to get a handle on these flames inveigh as you might guess have. Got to be exhausted by this by this time firefighters finally have the upper hand against the wildfire that's, destroyed five homes and burned more than. Thirteen thousand acres in the Idyllwild. Area of Riverside County it is now fifty seven percent. Contained in evacuation orders. Have been lifted for several communities including Idyllwild pine grow pine cove Cedar Glen. Fern valley man who's accused of setting that fire on purpose is now behind bars on arson charges A woman charged, with killing a disabled man. And his elderly parents and Lamar park has pleaded not guilty investigators have described Nancy Amelia Jackson as pure evil they say she began stealing from sixty five year old Phillip white who had. Taken her into his home because she was going through, hard times and she wanted to keep, it that way so when whites eighty three year old mother's, stepped in they believe. Jackson shot her.

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