Keith Ellison, Steve Bannon, Howard Dean discussed on Dennis Prager


Intimidate news organizations quote in every day they only squadrons of digital brown shirts to harass it hector any journalist who is critical of the president it acl by the way brooke obama prosecuted more journalists under the espionage act than any other president combined but i digress harry belafonte very respected activists marched with mlk called george w bush a racist and when someone suggested joe perry but bush has a lot of prominent blessed administration the county right he's got colin powell belafonte said and i'm quoting hitler had a lot of jews high up in the hierarchy of the third reich into quote enderle chair julian bonn play the nazi card a budget times he was speaking at a historically black college in north carolina fayetteville state university two thousand six bond set in importing the republican party would have the american flag and the swastika flying sidebyside in quote governor scott walker the republican got some rollbacks on teachers compensation and and and union benefits got the full nazi treatment there's a hard left law called live com dot org here the pulsating twenty eleven and i'm quoting scott walker is a fascist perhaps not in the classical sense is he doesn't operate in the streets but a fascist nonetheless he is a fascist force program take immediate and direct aimed at a sector of the working class in the quote let's go even further the republican national convention two thousand twelve then california democratic party chairman john birt east chickens he still the chair still the chair california democratic party john burton republicans lie they don't care if people think they lie as long as you lie nazi propaganda joseph goebbels the big lie you just keep repeating it in the full the chair of the south carolina democratic party dick harpootlian two thousand twelve compared the state's republican governor the hitler's mistress when told that the gop was holding a competing press conference at a nascar hall of fame basement studio are and told the south carolina delegation and i quote governor nikki haley was down in the bunker allah eva braun into folk referring to hitler's mistress i have more but i think you get the point they do it over and over and over again and nobody says anything howard dean call steve bannon and nazi not a problem keith ellison like george w bush.

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