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For I thought maybe it was one of those like you know this is a dubious kind of claim, but we don't know. Madonna. Madonna could just say you know what I didn't really get it all my apologies. I'm gonNA reflect on this. Now, she's back to post down cards and You. Know She's also very into. A propaganda? What propaganda this from the state is, and is like she's sharing this with a critical is saying like look at this, this is propaganda or did she just see a lot of her instagram is people of Color, black people. You know her her beautiful children, dancers, musicians, these people that she's worked with an Africa. And Malawi, and did she see this black woman as a doctor? It'd be like I'm going to share this because women power. Hopefully you know that she was like, Oh, wait. Maybe video for maybe she just wanted something controversial on thing because you know Madonna, you know do things just to disturb you. And that's where we leave to our top story of the day Zach Ephron. Liberty in crisis, a gay icon and crisis. Now, why do you say Zach Franz a gay icon I would say he's somebody who has been rumored to be in the closet as a gay man. He certainly makes no efforts or interest in women or He's been dating a girl I plays. Real friends. He's had girlfriends, but it recently, he's kind of like. You know. said that he's not interested in playing the Hollywood game and in his series and interviews. He said that if he stays in Hollywood and plays the game, he will not live long and happy life for Hollywood is a toxic environment, which is probably right. You know. So Hey physician can cure themself. So he's got a new series on netflix trailer. Wait so so he. In crisis. Turn to the Internet started listening probably their faces funds. nope. Not these. Found this podcast named Darren Oland who is very much if whole foods was a podcast. This guy would be in person farm and he fell in love with him and he reached out to him and became close friends and together, they decided to do a web documentary series called down to Earth and it's totally like a daddy son travel rob because you see like Zach is like he loves this guy now whether it's a sexual relationship or not..

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