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Mike thanks for doing this great to talk with you probably buster anytime each time puts him in size heat on beach ball tonight some adults in zia needs playbyplay man a wtam 1100 in cleveland and tom uh the other night michael brantley get hurt it precipitated a deal for jay bruce first what can you tell us about michael brantley injury both are at this point um bolster because when it happened it was one of those noncontact injuries in fact so much so the um michael brantley himself thought he ruptured achilles tendon which is why when he was jogging toward center field he immediately took a seat on the grass and wooden move until the trainer came up because he thought he had ruptured the achilles fortunately it was not there uh he's just had issues with that ankle all season long but uh yesterday afternoon he was getting a second opinion from a second doctor and uh you know as you and i speak here we don't have any results from that second opinion as of yet but uh to sit here today buster and and put a timetable on his return nobody knows because you know that ankles been an issue most of the year and then four to flare up the way of did the other day was really bizarre and as you mentioned that that first and foremost was why they went out and got a jay bruce because nobody knows how long he's going to be out.

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