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But then if you look at statistics, they're actually not worse. You know, I, it's like, hell. Everyone's like SNL sucks now. But then if you go back ten years, people are like used to be better in the eighties. And if you go to the eighties like it was better than new, I think that's like one of those recency bias voice. Where did I didn't have to do that whole lesson on it. But yeah, I, I don't know. I don't know what the deal is, but look, it's certainly clearly not an issue for Carolina. Last thing I'll say about this team is that you there become those teams where the you, you think the defense is better than the offense because that's always been the case. It's really not been this year. This second tier snap salute disaster. Although James bradberry held up pretty good against Oto Beckham junior, but you in read obviously, was just added right at it. The speaking of old guys by the way, Mike Adams, similarly, intercept Avmark items. So picked off Eli manning twice, thirty seven years old. I made that up, but I think I looked it up during the game because I was so confused. Okay. So I think my presence on this podcast is just like an off ramp on the way to Stu gods, which is what all the guests on the show have been building up to one takeaway that I have so far two and a half episodes in. You're not saying who you think is gonna win. All that often have to say that. Okay, game previews. And I know it's not. But if you're trying to attract a su- God's, if you're if you're leaving, sue got strap. You need to tell me who's going chargers for the last game by the way in. Yeah, I did. I only pick that Philip rivers is going to have the ball down a score with seconds left. It's been too long since we've had one of those. True. It's and certainly the Browns would be good. I mean, it's really hard not to Washington after what we saw last night. Although I don't think that was necessarily indicative dicey Washington. I make Washington. Well, we're doing power rankings, and and I think your line is one of those teams where nobody really knows if they're good, right. It's the record, was that a sleepy game against the giants was that season on the line game for the giants. I just allies. Like if I think that was the giants I thirty point game in two years address, I twenty five plus yard touchdown through the air since week, five of last year and Odell Beckham through it. So I, I did go with Carolina. I have a lot of concerns about this defense. Yeah, I, I was just saying the secondary is terrible. The pass rush has also been absent right eight, which is against something we typically associated team, having good pass, rush, Thomas Davis who's gosh. Mike Adams sold cut. Oh, forty, five. So he's back. Julius peppers. Oh my God, Greg Olsen is back to. Does the average age of the pants you talk in this thing? I'm going Washington. I'll go girl and I think I don't know. The office has really been clicking in for the reasons you describe it, I think is going to be in this podcast drops on Thursday, can I just monitor a Khalil's health and if Khalil's out it's a, it's a surefire washing, three entertainment purposes. All right. Before we get to the final three games, I'm in my mail bay now sensitive about having a mailbag just call a mill bag. What's right? Just wrote questions. Overproduce it. Okay. If you have like a cute name tweeted at me, but like nothing weird question is always. Tiny that Jay Cutler. I gotta hire like Jake color impersonator. All right. So I'm gonna just burn through these. 'cause like I said, it's a lot, so I'm not going to dwell on them too much. Baba. Fifty five asks what nicknames did you have growing up? They're all so embarrassing. A lot of people call them in my initials m k Burns's Meena. All right. Matthew reader asked Ken the ravens offense specifically flacco keep this up all year. Clearly reader asked that before. These were these committed before last Sunday?.

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