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Lackluster day on Wall Street with the Dow Jones industrials retreating one hundred three points and the s&p five hundred easing seven the NASDAQ edged higher. A gain of six points Applied Materials is out with fiscal first quarter earnings that topped forecasts. However, both profits and revenue declined from a year ago. And the chip equipment maker also lowered its forecast for the current quarter. Its shares are down one and a quarter percent in after hours trading. A couple of new pieces of data showed holiday sales were something of a disappointment the national retail federation says holiday sales were up just two point nine percent compared to the prior year sales while most economists and the interested self had been expecting sales growth of around four and a half percent. That's your money now. An FDA paddle is backing a nasal spray for treatment resistant, depression, it's called a scatter main and Janssen its manufacturer says it's studies show patients felt better after four hours. Unlike other drugs, which can take weeks, Dr Gerard Santa Cora, a psychiatry professor. At Yale medical school says the drug is safe. There are concerns that can be relatively easily managed in a controlled healthcare setting. If the FDA approves the scatter mean, it would be the first major new drugs for depression since Prozac was introduced more than thirty years ago. A measles outbreak in New York continues to get worse with more than two hundred cases reported orthodox Jewish communities in Brooklyn, and in Rockland county reported almost a dozen new cases in just the past week health officials blame anti vaccine propaganda Chiltern, not being vaccinated on schedule and traveled to Israel, which also has a measles. Outbreak. Health update. Sara Lee Kessler NBC news. Radio. The EPA is moving to regulate cancer causing chemicals found in drinking water environmental protection agency's plan. We'll set a maximum level for PFA's. They're found in the water of millions of Americans are linked to several health problems, including low birthweight thyroid problems and cancer manmade chemicals are used in household products like packaging cleaning agents, and Teflon coated pots and pans. There are also present in firefighting foams, which have spread into groundwater and polluted drinking water supplies. The measure seeking to change curriculum for mandated sex education in public schools has drawn heated debate superintendent, Chris reykdal, supports the Bill to require districts to teach the curriculum, which includes discussion of gender identity in elementary school districts like all other content areas with age, appropriate information grade level standards Xiao teach this and we empower parents to make the choice to opt out Jared Hannah questioned the need for a curriculum chain broken. Because when I look at the statistics on pregnancy on Washington, we've heard before that whatever's going on right now in the state of Washington is working committee will vote on whether to send the Bill to the full Senate in the coming.

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