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Lost got sold again. My cloth is the indeed brand. They have quirky close and are adorable and had a huge following. We've talked about them on the show. A number of times. The biggest one was when they were bought by walmart and twenty seventeen and all of us were perplexed. It was confusing there with walmart for a little while but walmart sold it to another company called go global and twenty nineteen then this week go global sold it. To an e commerce platform called wait for it noggin noggin. Noggin is keeping about fifty. Five mod cloth employees. The chief marketing officer is going to be named the ceo. The head of go global that sold it basically said hey we sold it because of the pandemic he said about the sale of mod cloth quote. Kovic hurt us. Women stopped wearing. Dresses are legacy category. We could not convert to a lululemon type apparel because that's not true to our brand. Which like point. He has a good point. Yeah i respect that. So it went from markelov to walmart to go global to noggin. That is a lot of passing hands in a short amount of time. Do you think that mart class can survive another ownership. Yes if they are confident in sticking to their core to those dresses you know like shackle. Summer is coming as i have told you all every week for the past. Six months is coming. Think dresses and the more like put together outfits like they're gonna come back. I think there's still room in the market for mod cloth quality wise. I don't know if it's really holding up like it used to but the that's personal thought but it is like this is the gift that gets passed around at the secret santa party like and gets traded sixteen times before it lands with someone and then that person was like we all passes thing around on an eye opener. I got this well. And i can't blame him for saying listen. There's a pandemic there's something very real that's put us. Yeah but a stop to this which i get Do you have time to look at their website real quick. Because i looked at it today i was a huge fan of cloth and i did kind of check out their merch to see what was going on there. Still some semblance of the old brand there but it's also been watered down quite a bit. It's not nearly as funky or there's still some stuff that's in there that's really cute and fine. It's not bad. But i also feel like it was like a photocopy in a way. Yeah i'm hoping it gets weird. Or i would love for it to get a little more. It's kinda double down on some of its quirk again Let me see. Let me check some of these dresses. Oh wow this does seem very watered down. It's not bad it really isn't but it's not the like oh my gosh. I'm going to wear this and feel so fun. Yeah it's it's a little more subdued. Ooh addresses cute. But like i also see the prices and i see that everything is marked down and everything is a overstatement but like a lot of it is marked down and i just like. It's cute on this model but is going to be cute in my house. Because whenever i see my cloth stuff lately in secondhand stores it just feels really flimsy. They still have a great presence with plus size clothing which is always great Very much appreciate. I'm hoping that things work out with this brand. Because i do like it. Yeah i understand go global selling it off. I asked understand noggin buying it so i hope it can hang on. I don't know. I'm probably gonna spend money on this website later to me. Let's just be honest. What me not lie myself stress is really cute. It looks like a fucking tablecloth. I think that's why i like it. Okay anyway that's that news. I'm like close tabs go to other stories Okay so today in.

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