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Well the most reset is my sixty year here each that i want to get out of oh sounds serious okay a sixty year marriage meaning you've been married for sixty years seventy five got married at sixteen okay so i feel like i feel like i was wide for in a pig in had your choice you know when people when we we're fifteen you'd think about what what did we know you can think you know a fair amount typical as most people they look back and they'll they'll say what did i know what did i know and you learn as you go along to you know if for those who are teachable learn to be discerning you learned that you can't trust all people the the classic phrase all the glitters is not gold things of that nature that are actually true so for you to have such pain i i'm hearing you're saying you're sixty your marriage five seventy years seventy five but you're sixty year marriage this talk i i want out of it or i don't want it any longer but let's let's go back what's what has deteriorated and why is that why there's so many whys but the turn connects his so fresh right now because my husband just got out yesterday for rehab and checked himself i'll do i to me said that the doctor released him and like a fool i picked him up and i read his report this morning were they were that he was adamant about getting out and everything was checked off a list with because he's handicap he's had a few strokes and cancer and and what does he call that stuff the doctors give them opiates are there are certain things that are supposed to win a person off is that what you mean like doing saying okay yeah claudia and you know i i don't have a thing i june you know i've always said when people ask me how long i've been married i say six times because i know that every ten years we hit a different cycle intermarriage come different so i know i know that who he was and who i was all those years ago every ten years ensure we're coming up on sixty and it's the worst ever because now i don't.

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