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Later look at the rings that mr kraft's delivered for the patriots last night with two hundred eighty three diamonds a shot at the falcons on that come back and then look at the nfc championship brings for the falcons they're nice but compared to the patriots super bowl rings it look like mr blank lined up the falcons at the logo grocery store and gave meech of quarter to get a rang out of the machine also talk about brady bella check and mr craft are they either graders qb coach an owner that the nfl is ever see huge opinion on bob stoops the third modest situation i have a lot to talk about go to chris in oklahoma here on the saturday night healed show before you you're live on the air i very very favorite go ciller history will be made the comeback win four in a row yeah crier who remarry why don't they have accurate why why will they come back and win four in a row i believe agree iraq chris in oklahoma was chris at a the of a training centre have the oklahoma city will rogers airport courier bill believe in cleveland here clear for runway tunein or too i swear he satellite gi hadas as air.

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