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The region Our White House spokesman Jen Psaki says the administration is also treating it as an act that can increase tensions in the region I have a couple of headlines moving up on the Bloomberg terminal now We'll fill you in as the day progresses UK first and an exclusive interview of Boris Johnson prime minister with our Bloomberg John micklethwaite says he sees extremely tough global climate talks ahead Also we're getting a headline up on the Bloomberg saying the FDA is going to allow mix and match approach for COVID booster shots and Moderna's CEO in an exclusive interview as well says COVID booster could get cleared this week That's for Moderna Hong Kong chief executive Carrie lam will remain in the hospital under observation after suffering a right elbow fracture at the government house chief executive secretary of administration will act on behalf while she is on leave Although U.S. president Joe Biden says there's no deadline on working on a compromise infrastructure plan Spokeswoman Jen Psaki says he is meeting today with members of his own party He will host two different meetings with House members here at The White House One with moderates and one with progressive members Meanwhile moderate Joe Manchin has come out doubting any deal will come by the end of the month and saying he is opposed to many of the climate change green efforts in the package China is seeing a new cluster of COVID cases in its northwestern provinces 8 infections since the beginning of the week and shanxi province former Secretary of State U.S. chair of the joint chief staff chief of staff U.S. ambassador to the UN Colin Powell has passed away at the age of 84 complications from COVID Current Secretary of State Antony Blinken He treated people the way he expected.

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