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In this Menomonee falls story as I said there's something that's got to the point of being really odd for the longest time the school officials who have wanted to change the name Indians have been surveying the community and saying that they want to have to import on the mascot they're using this term mascot again and again and again and again and here's the thing about it they have been corrected ninety thousand types it's clear it's not a slap when I many false does not have a mask don't I get zillions of things residents about how many balls as you can imagine I receive this of a listener we submitted to the school board I would name her but if it's in the school board records you could look it up if you cared she writes about three months ago most of us received an email to the school board indicating the school board wanted to engage the village of Menomonee falls residents in a conversation about the name of our current mascot not being not only a long time resident of Menomonee falls but also Menomonee falls alumni I assume that the school board was talking about the current sports team name that a high school sports team have because Menomonee falls doesn't have a mascot I honestly don't know if we've ever had a mascot but I can tell you that in the last twenty years we have not had a mascot also within this email the school board pointed out to the school district is being driven by four big games when it comes to educating our students one of those big big games was that quarter all students in family feel they belong in our school community as I stand here tonight I can honestly tell you that I as not only a resident of the village of nominee falls but as a parent to a fifth grader within this district do not feel as though I belonged to the community I do not feel like I belong because I feel as though my opinion and my boys have fallen on deaf ears I proudly stand behind the current sports team name after all if website such as and then she mentions a bunch of them are allowed to have the word Indian posted on their website or within their organizations name then why is the village of Menomonee falls not allowed to use our first amendment right of freedom of speech and use the word Indian as the name of our sports when I walked the walls Menomonee falls high school as a student it wasn't the sports he made that prevented me from feeling like I have a log or kept me from getting the quality education that our school board is so worried about our students getting it was the bullying of my fellow students that prevented me from receiving quality education because I didn't come out and want to come to school for three months now we have wasted time energy and resources discussing on whether or not we should change the name of our sports teams this is a topic that we shouldn't even be discussing because that topic shouldn't even have come up to begin with we as a community could have been spending the last three months discussing the bigger issues that are school district has instead out has instead of trying to fix something that wasn't broken the topic of the name of our sports the which is bad our sports team name for over fifty years has because this community divide the school board says that they are listening to all of us well if you are a list if you are hearing anything that we say that here this let this topic be put on the ballot come April let this community of a vote on whether a team name changes or if it stays the amount of money that it would cost to put an extra question on the ballot is nothing compared to the amount of money that has been wasted these past three months discussing this topic we need to discuss the real issues in a school like bullying the drug drug usage of the bay big problems these are the problems they get in the way of arc students quality education not the name of our high school sports teams I would like to end with the point that my ten year old daughter brought up this past Friday evening fifth graders are told to act like fifth graders sixth graders are told to act like sixth graders and somewhat well shouldn't an adult act like an adult instead of stating that either the Indian damn goals are he goes thank that's a reference to a statement made by the school superintendent who threatened at an email to quit they didn't change the name not I shared all that because is interesting and represented one of the many that I get from frustrated people there but the point that I wanted to circle back to is from the beginning of this process up until now the school superintendent and school board president is school board keeps saying that they're seeking public input on changing the school's mascot why do they keep using that word as I said it's not weird anymore they're not interchangeable words and they've been corrected I gather together to get all I can figure is this some argue that mascots can be offensive because of the way they act for example the Cleveland Indians baseball P. which is still called the Indians had a logo that had an Indian space with big garish teeth flashed around dad you look kind of goofy some people felt that that visual representation it was offensive other teams have people dress stop in Indian garb and run around with feathers side and somewhat and some people believe that that's some sort of mockery those are mascots but when I have any falls has is a team nickname it does it have a mascot not anybody who's followed sports knows the difference if you ask any fan of the Milwaukee Bucks who's the Bucks mascot I'm telling everybody would say bank go bad because when the Bucks I don't know how long but as long as I've been paid any attention I know it wasn't there at the beginning because I know our bag because they came from you know our bag because they came from Dave Michaels does not know where Bancos name came from when Eddie sat the greatest basketball announcer of all time was doing the bucs play by play back in the seventies when somebody with a long jump shot particularly John McLoughlin he would yell Banco and it became part of the reference any just a got a name for everything I mean you listen he hit the even put out a dictionary so you could translate what he was saying in English because everything got a name every player had a nickname and somewhat but anyway he said bagel whenever you have a long shot especially when John McLaughlin a long shot that needs sort of got associated with the box and then when they got a mascot which is a deer running around see the clock here the they started calling a bagel the brewers from the almost the very beginning have had a mascot called Bernie brewer the first birdie bro was an actual guys sat on top of the scoreboard in the first season the name kind of stock there are all sorts of other teams that don't have a mascot as I mentioned in yesterday's program the Packers don't have a mascot hard to figure out how you make a Packer a mascot the genesis of the Packers name came from the acme meat packing company which helped fund the original T. back in the late teats so they call themselves Packers I don't know if they still have a but the bears used to have a bear walked around to the side of the field a guy dressed in a stupid bear uniform I assume he still there that's their mascot so some teams have mascots another teams don't have mascot everyone knows what a mascot is if they Menomonee falls they had somebody dressed up as some sort of an Indian people deem to be offensive that would be part of the discussion that they were happy so you would be changing the nickname and mascot except they don't have a mascot they have a nice day clearly the next day was less offensive than a mascot because the nickname is a perfectly acceptable name they even though I think it's a little unusual to call native American Indians because they're not from India most native Americans are perfectly fine with being called the Indians and often referred to themselves as Indians was the name they were given and they wear it with pride so the name Indians is hardly offensive at all but because they're trying to create an issue here they keep referencing a mascot which is an area that you can get into trouble lot mascots are often groovy mascots often do weird things mascot usually run around and you know you see bag with the box games with bad goes not to with all the gymnastics Bancos do what a dumb thing here at bank goes beyond the bowling ball and you know that's it mascots do they do goofy things and some people are fearful that if you take an ethnic group like Indians are native Americans and have that person do goofy things you're making fun of that group which you're not but that's where the mascot they can get you into trouble anyway the point that I keep coming back to is the Menomonee falls school board has been corrected ninety five million times to stop saying mascot when its nickname and they keep saying mascot it's clearly deliberate it's no longer a slip of the tongue further more the school board members that are putting themselves up as being so much smarter than everybody else in the community are they actually so stupid that they don't know that the difference between the words mascot in NYC Dave mascot has never been interchangeable with nicknamed the to art the two don't even have anything to do with one another you ever have a nickname Dave your dad was a do what what is it what what yeah it is scored see that what you said like sporty did anybody ever say that was your mascot thanks just about everybody with red hair gets called red yeah sure yeah anybody that's bad gets called tidy those are those are asked now it is true that often sports teams have both that often the mascot is tied into the nickname not always usually though if there is a mascot it'll tie into the net game every now and then you'll see a team that does it really yet although somebody be running around like for instance the San Diego Padres at the San Diego check at the chicken does it have anything to do with Padres but it became kind of the mascot the Philadelphia Phillies have the Philly fanatic that have anything to do with word Phillies Philly just comes from Philadelphia so the mascot is an off shoot and it doesn't have anything to do with the nickname they have but often there's a relationship between the two of them but they don't mean anywhere near the same type of bag.

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