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NewsRadio nine fifty a piece of Detroit's automotive history. The Packard plant bridge comes tumbling down yesterday. No one was hurt. But what are they doing with the mess w w J's Charlie Langton is on the scene. Hi, charlie. What's going on? Now. While you said, it, it is a mess actually, the old Packard plant here on East Grand boulevard, and concord that is the site of where this passenger bridge that connected to old Packard plant buildings that collapsed yesterday buildings were built in about nineteen thirty nine or so so crews tell me that they've been working throughout the night, though to clean up all the debris that is now over the boulevard and closing that road. Anthony reysen Anthony Jason he works next to the Packard plant. He's really not surprised that the bridge collapsed and thinks that there could be more collapses. Yeah. Won't be real witching day. Play hug. Oh, six. Ago. He's been there for a number of years. Now, there is good news, though, the crews that are cleaning up this mess. Hopefully, we'll have the road open by later today. Reporting live here on the old Packard plan on Detroit's eastside. Charlie Langton, BJ NewsRadio nine fifty WWE. News time seven oh, six one of these soldiers killed in a crash in southern New Mexico. Tuesday night was her Michigan had WW. Jay's Beth Fisher. Joining us now live and local with more Beth Cole. Wixom was one of two US army soldiers killed in that crash. He was from Bloomingdale in southwest, Michigan Wixom and another soldier were killed in the crash that involves two armored Stryker vehicles on US fifty four in New Mexico. Seven other service members are hospitalized. All of the soldiers were part of the First Armored Division out of Fort Bliss and El Paso, Texas that crash under investigation. Reporting live Beth Fisher, WW NewsRadio nine fifty. Well. This could be a real bummer at Valentine's. Stay those little candy hearts that say things like be mine. Kiss me crazy for you. They're getting scarce. Here's w w j said Corey, well, those heart-shaped sweetheart candies that say things like remind or say, yes, maybe impossible to find this Valentine's Day Netco, the company behind sweetheart conversation hearts. Sold last year the factory that made them was closed. The only sweetheart you can find we're leftover from before the sale, which took place in July. So maybe if you find me not one of them w w j news time seven oh seven, well, how a car window a sign in the car window saved a man's life. Details from WW gay health reporter Dutcher DNA lights, single, dad. Ryan Stanford needed a kidney fast. The forty year old Roseville residents kidneys were failing his girlfriend's daughter Lillian charter wanted to help him. Find a donor. She came up with an idea put a sign in her car window singled out of three needs kidney typo more than two hundred people responded, including thirty one year old Emily from Shelby township single dad with three kids, really, my heart strings. Make you feel like maybe I can help with turns.

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