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Have helped solve to rape cases. The DNA matched identical twins to two rapes from the nineties. One was a woman who was grabbed and raped in a park in mission. Viejo the other was a nine year old girl just walking home from a store in lake forest. OC sheriff's Don Barnes says a sketch created back then is very similar to recent photos that nine year old brave little girl after being brutally molested and raped was able to provide that description to our investigators she's incredibly strong both twins were arrested. But one was let go after cops determine which one they believe committed the crimes at OC sheriff's department headquarters in Anna Corbin, Carson KFI news teachers in the LA school district. We'll have some company when they go on strike next week staff at least ten schools are planning their own sympathy. Strike the SEI us Blanca Gago says that will include teacher assistance, janitors bus drivers and cafeteria workers. So at some school sites, there will be know one to two days of striking and other school sites are committed to doing teachers for. For the duration of the strike. She says the sympathy strike we'll start Monday the school district has hired some substitutes, and we'll send out staff to be at the schools. Andrew mollenbeck, KFI news space x which is based in Hawthorne is launching layoffs. Cutting ten percent of its roughly six thousand workers saying needs to lean out to succeed in enormous projects like creating an interplanetary spacecraft ambitious projects. Elon Musk's firm says would have bankrupted other organizations SpaceX launches government and commercial satellites into orbit and deliver supplies to the international space station, but the company estimates it will need billions to build a spaceship capable of sending astronauts to Mars and a satellite system for global internet service. Erin bender KFI news businesses in LA county. Now have a guide to help them. Stay open through the next earthquake LA county, economic Development Corporation CEO. Bill says it is key for businesses to safeguard information. We need to think through remote serving of our websites. We need. To think through access to cell phone technology to internet connections to basic landline. Technology Allen published a guide that walks businesses through preparation step-by-step, the guide also recommends a financial plan that will keep employees and the bills paid.

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