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It just dog keeps me going. You better believe it will. Thank you so much. We appreciate your service. Thank you buy. Yes, sir. Denis let's go to Brad calling from Jeffersonville Brad. How are you? I'm doing well, sir. How are you? I'm doing great. Welcome aboard. Thank you longtime listener and. I wanted to say thank you for your service and to tell you my heart goes out to you at losing your dog. I just lost. My first dog is an adult, and I miss him every hour of every day here, you brother, it's tough. It's part of life. But it's not a welcome part of life. That's for sure. Definitely not he. He was a almost fifteen any thanksgiving week in bed with green army, always seventy. Miss him every day. I totally understand. Fourteen pounds miniature Dodson that thought he was huge Doberman. They are funny little dogs. I'll tell you. Start paying lose them. I just wanted to say code your producer that I had the privilege that talk with several. Host on eighty four. My trade is public health. I worked at BPH. Health department for. Thirteen years, and I've been in public health for twenty three years and. You know, I I align more with Democrats than I do Republicans by I get really frustrated with Democrats, and I get really frustrated with and. The state of the world and great..

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