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Am 9 90 The answer at 9 90. The answer dot com This is Edward Graham with Samaritan's purse. Haiti has been hit with a devastating 7.2 magnitude earthquake. The death toll exceeded 1300 continues to rise. Haitians are in desperate need of shelter, clean water and medical attention. After disaster like this, people don't know where to turn. Samaritans purse is responding. Deployed in Mercy Field Hospital with a Tier one operating room. Well, we can treat trauma patients were also moving in tons of temporary shelter material, along with water treatment systems that will provide clean drinking water for thousands with our experience after the earthquake in 2010, the Lord has prepared us for this moment. We're on the ground helping in Jesus' name, but we can't do it alone. We need your prayers. We need your support. Please pray for the people of Haiti. As we respond to their desperate needs. You can be a part of the life saving work of Samaritans purse in Haiti. To find out more. Go to Samaritans purse dot org. That's Samaritans purse dot org. Meet Tim. Hey, what's up? He's the person you hired for your digital marketing strategy. And when he's done battling aliens on his PS five in his parents' basement, I'm sure he'll get right to work. Now Meet the team at Salem Surround what over 200 digital media strategists with all the current digital tools, resources and training, bringing your business the real reason. To meet. These are the people who are passionate about your marketing success and will work 24 7 to deliver customers to you and your business. So Tim? Yes, level 12. I'm gonna be here all night or the team at Salem Surround. Why trust your digital marketing to one person when you can hire a whole team. Nationwide exposure, experience and expertise. Let our team of experts focus on your digital marketing strategy so you can focus on your business. It's an easy decision. Learn more. It's around philadelphia dot com surround philadelphia dot com Connecting you with new customers. Hi. I'm Julie Whitman Klein, president and CEO of Trinity School of Natural.

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